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Monday, November 3, 2014

When I typed out "november goals" in the title, I had to stop for a split second. How is it already November?! The months are flying by and before I know it we'll have a baby in the house. I'm so ready for her to come most days, and then other days I want to soak up the last moments before parenthood as much as possible. I know things will change for the better, but sometimes, change is scary. 

On the plus side, November is not scary! We have so many exciting things happening this month, but let's peek back at October's goals first: 

1. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary at a nice dinner, and wedding band shopping for me (YAY!). Our anniversary dinner was definitely sweet, and we are going to wait to shop for my wedding band until we're back in Texas so my engagement and wedding ring can come from the same store. 
2. Finish our friend's baby quilt, seeing as their son came 5 weeks early from pre-eclampsia, I probably should actually finish his quilt!

3. Organize my first real garage sale (tips are very welcome!). The hubs nixed this idea. He told me I needed to wait for a weekend he was in town for a garage sale because the thought of his pregnant wife trying to have a garage sale the weekend he was gone did not sound like a solid plan. I still need to have one, but maybe this month when the weather is actually decent and not in the 90s (no joke). 
4. Have little pea's main nursery furniture put together, and find a rug for her room. I did manage to get her curtains hung up and baskets for under her changing table and some clothes hung in the closet! It's starting to come together nicely in there. 
5. Get her baby quilt fabric cut. Maybe even start on her quilt! Her quilt is coming right along and is too cute!! I love the gold. 

My November goals are: 

1. Finish little pea's baby quilt. 

2. Recruit my sister to help me find a nursery rug and organizational stuff for clothes she won't yet be wearing, etc. while she's in town.
3. Make big pots of chili and wassail for friends after the Thunderbirds Homecoming Air Show. 
4. Attend Las Vegas' Boots & Booties baby shower for military and spouses (I've heard it's an incredible experience). This was hosted on November 1, and was absolutely incredible. It was such a blessing to be a part of this event!
5. Bind the wintery X quilt, and get cozy with it on our last road trip before baby. 
6. Eat my heart out at Thanksgiving in Texas. 
7. Hug all the people I love at our baby shower thrown by family in Texas! 

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