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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Several weekends ago, we had friends over for dinner and I showed them our nursery. It was chock full of baby gear that doesn't belong in there, like the highchair, mamaroo, and two strollers, PLUS all of the actual nursery furniture. One of our friends teased us when she heard the deals we were finding on great baby gear (since none of this was on our registry) that Austen would need to help them get good prices on their stuff when they get pregnant!

He seriously loves to find the best quality of baby gear out there, and then get it for a fraction of the cost. I thought I'd share some of the brands we're using, and then price comparisons and how to clean it up so it looks brand new! 

nursery furniture
the deal: I really struggled for the first trimester+ on spending somewhere near $1,000 in nursery furniture that I didn't love. I just couldn't pin point a style I liked and nothing seemed to be worth the money. I'm on a couple of Facebook "yardsale" pages for the Air Force Base and local area, and check them regularly, along with a website called bookoo (same idea). Towards the end of summer, I found a woman who was selling their whole nursery set for $220 because they had to considerably downsize during their most recent move and just needed it gone. It was less than a year old and really in great condition! Yes, it was probably sooner than most people get their nursery furniture, but for the price, it was worth cleaning out the nursery to make room for. Oh, and the family told us that the set came from Babies R Us.
the cleaning: The crib mattress was not included, which we would have replaced regardless (I'm a germaphobe about mattresses and our nursery is no exception). We did put the crib mattress on our gift registry. I was able to wash the changing pad cover and was gifted a new changing pad from the Boots & Booties military baby shower. I also detached all of the pads on the glider and threw them in the washer. The rest of the furniture was in great condition and really didn't need any other work. 

the deal: This summer, my sister told me about this amazingness while I went babysitting with her one afternoon. I was completely sold and convinced we would buy one if we weren't gifted it. If you have no idea what this is, check it out here and be blown away at how great it is! It's the only baby "swing" we're using (and thank goodness because who has room for multiple swings?!). At the same time as I found the nursery furniture, a friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook post of someone selling one on a "yardsale" page. They generally cost about $250+ and we were able to snag it for just over $100 from a family a few streets over on base. 
the cleaning: Just like the glider, all of the pieces come off of this that baby touches, so it was easy to pop everything into the washer. 

the deal: Austen was so excited about this one! He did lots of research on highchairs and was convinced this was one of the best on the market. It reminds me of the boon highchair style, but with a few extra features (who knew highchairs had features?!) that sold me on it. I laughed because he hates the Kardashians, but told me that they do buy the best baby gear out there and this is the highchair both Kim and Kourtney use for their babies (just fyi for all of my reality tv junkies). These puppies are not cheap, though, so finding one on craigslist was the only way we were really going to be able to have one. He managed to find one from a local photographer for the casinos and said the experience of getting it was something out of a reality tv series. I didn't go because I was too busy sleeping off a headache. 
the cleaning: It's just a basic wipe down which makes life simple since there's nothing to throw in the washer. We have two seat pads: orange and gold, and the gold is a little more worn, so I want to play around before little pea comes to try and clean it up or preserve its quality better for our babies since the gold really is too cute.

BOB stroller
the deal: (disclaimer: I thought we got the BOB stroller from REI... turns out we got it from target because it was on sale, but REI would be another great option that I wanted to share!) We love the outdoorsy store REI and one of their many benefits is that they sell BOB gear. Both of us really like the company and knew we wanted to get a BOB stroller. While we actually ended up getting our stroller and car seat new (I do not recommend getting car seats used because you never know if they were in a previous car accident and their integrity is weakened), one of the benefits we were able to use from REI is that members ($20 lifetime membership) get back a dividend of what they spent in the store or online back in a gift card form each year. We also ended up getting a regular stroller, not a jogging stroller because I didn't want the bulkiness of a jogging stroller for everyday-use. Another option to save money on BOB strollers is that you can check out their garage sales that they have at the store every few months. The items people return are resold for a fraction of the price during these garage sales. From all that I've been to, there are always single and double BOB jogging strollers.

That's basically the jist of the baby gear we purchased ourselves. We chose to put a basinet, 4moms breeze pack-n-play, and crib mattress on our gift registry since we really didn't see those as being good secondhand buys. 

Austen's tip for shopping craigslist is that he checks it frequently and isn't afraid to try to haggle them down. I had to learn to not be afraid of getting something a couple of months earlier than normal or even when we'll need it because if it's something that doesn't pop up everyday, it's worth storing it for a couple of months if we can save a couple of hundred dollars. 

Anyone else have tips on how to find the baby gear for a fraction of the cost? Or how to get your energy back after work 8+ hours on your feet while in your third trimester? 

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