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Monday, October 6, 2014

PRAISE THE LORD, IT'S OCTOBER!! Besides Christmas, this is my all time favorite month. From the weather finally cooling off, to our anniversary, and then Halloween (aka: I can eat lots of reeces pb cups), it's all around a good time.

Here's how my September goals went:

1. Finish our friends' baby quilt.
2. Find fabric for little pea's nursery quilt. The last of her quilt fabric has shipped and I can't wait to start putting it together!
3. Declutter the guest bedroom once and for all! I have 2 bags from the Utah condo to go through and determine if they're keep or garage sale worthy, but other than that, it's looking pretty decent in there, so I'll count this as a yes.
4. Survive my first month of school with 27 second graders. Make that 29... And today, 6 of them moved to our new 5th teacher on grade level. So yes, we survived.
5. Get the house clean for some update pictures. 
6. Blog-a-day with Bailey's September challenge! I missed a few days in there, but overall, really enjoyed it.

And here's my goals for October:

1. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary at a nice dinner, and wedding band shopping for me (YAY!). 
2. Finish our friend's baby quilt, seeing as their son came 5 weeks early from pre-eclampsia, I probably should actually finish his quilt!
3. Organize my first real garage sale (tips are very welcome!).
4. Have little pea's main nursery furniture put together, and find a rug for her room. 
5. Get her baby quilt fabric cut. Maybe even start on her quilt!

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  1. 4 years??? holy cow! weren't we just in high school and now you've been married for 4 years???

    EEEK will you hurry up and share her name??
    i heard 'sarah' is good :)


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