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Friday, October 24, 2014

Confession: I wish this quilt would cut itself out. I know realistically it's not that much to do and I've made much bigger quilts, but I just want to sew it all together. On the plus side, since I really want this cutie done, it is motivation to get a move on it. ;)

Originally, I thought we would do a natural nursery "theme" with accents of turquoise and gold. Then I put a turquoise knitted blanket against her crib and sort of kind of hated it. I tried to convince myself that I liked it... but couldn't. I caved and got some radiant orchid fabric and fell in love. I decided that shades of purple and gold accents were the way to go. Her nursery furniture is just so deep in color that the purples go well with it.

Here's where the fabric for her quilt came from:

gold polka dots flannel
I got this from JoAnn's probably a year+ ago and loveee it. It has big gold polka dots and is seriously the softest fabric! Even Austen said, "Ooh," the first time he felt it after it was washed and worn in a little. I'm using it for both her quilt top and as the backing. If there's extra, I might even try to make a cover for her changing table pad out of it! It's just baby perfect. I can't lie, I wish I'd bought more of it (I think I got 3-5 yards) and could back a quilt in it for myself.

I had my eye (and heart) on some designer fabric of gold bows, but then I read in their fine print that it is ideal for drapery and pillows. It was not made for multiple washes and a baby quilt will definitely be washed a lot. In my heartbreak search for another gold fabric, I found this! I seriously love it. It's about $10 a yard, but JoAnn's always has coupons and sales, and a teacher discount! ;)

I don't even consider this fabric pink. It's much more of a radiant orchid color! This fabric is what we used to determine that we wanted to go with shades of purple for her nursery and not turquoise. We held up this and the turquoise knitted blanket against her crib and liked the look of the cherry wood with the purple much better.

This is one of my favorites. It is precious in those little dandelion wishes! I also love the tone of the purple with the others since it's a nice, light shade.

This one is so, so similar to the silver metallic polka dot one. Their shade is almost identical, but this one has some darker polka dots mixed in which I like! It's polka dots are also smaller, but I'm going to try to avoid putting it next to the silver metallic polka dots fabric, just in case. 

Probably the darkest purple of the fabrics, and it has a great graphic on it that reminds me of arrows. It's not overwhelming and I like pulling in the arrow feel with the rest of our outdoorsy fabric and accents we have happening.

I wasn't sure at first what pattern I wanted to use for her baby quilt, and originally thought something traditional like flying geese, but just wasn't set when I was looking at patterns. Then I refound this modern triangle quilt pattern from See Kate Sew. I realized that it would be perfect for little pea's nursery! I'm not usually a fan of modern quilts, but really like this one. I might add a border, depending on how big it ends up being and if it'll work for a toddler cuddle quilt. 

Now to just get up motivation to cut out all those triangles... 

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