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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I was going through some pictures I took earlier this summer before morning sickness and first trimester exhaustion took away my drive to go outside and garden in 115* heat. While Austen & I were talking about what we'll take back to Texas with us, I told him I want my two hydrangeas to go in the bed of his truck for the drive so I can plant them in a real ground. These two are just too pretty to leave behind! I think they'll look particularly pretty up against the 1930s farmhouse we're moving into.

We have two varieties: a peppermint (my favorite) and a Nikko blue. I love the little stripes of color in the peppermint! It got its name because the blooms look like little peppermints, not because of its scent. I just love how they start off majority white, and as it develops, the color fills in until just the tips are white. There's a nice, shady part at the front of the house that I think this pretty is going to get planted at, that way everyone can enjoy it!

The Nikko blue actually bloomed pink! I was shocked and had assumed because of the name, that it was a blue bloomer. Come to find out, the only hydrangea that won't change colors based on its soil pH are white hydrangeas. The rest are all subject to changing hues! I let it be pink this year, but will probably change the soil pH so we get blue blooms next year. I really did like those pale pinks, though.

Now that summer is officially over and we're dropping down into the 80s for our temperature, the hydrangeas look good again. They lose their big leaves at the end of summer when it's insanely hot, and the last month or so before the cold really kicks in, the hydrangeas sprout small leaves in new places that come back in the spring. They don't look really pretty anymore (they're top heavy with big leaves and small leaves at the bottom), but they survive our summers! I can't wait to get these lovelies planted around the house, along with some new hydrangeas, when we get back to Texas.

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