a wintery quilt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

please forgive my crappy iPhone lighting in these pictures! it was super late when I finished the quilt and wanted to snap pics before sending it off to be long arm quilted in the morning. I know they're blurry and I seriously need to get in the habit of using our good camera. blah. I'll post good ones once it's back!

Now that that's out of the way...

I hadn't done any sewing since I started and finished the oversize queen swoon quilt back in May. First trimester seriously kicked my butt and sewing was not on my to-do list (well it was I just couldn't get up the energy to do so). Last weekend, I finally had the drive to get my wintery X quilt done! Austen & I just love this quilt and he said I should have it sent to Abby Latimer to be long arm quilted. That was just the push I needed to finish!

This quilt was a pain in my butt. It started with me trying to make Y seams (which are super hard and I don't even know how to do them) and hating life. Then, I was given the suggestion to make an idea board and put it up on there before sewing. That was exactly what I needed, but then I realized it didn't quite fit so I was left fumbling around with extra squares and making sure I got all of them before I sewed anything. Then came the issue of seams. The white squares were actually too big and couldn't have a 1/4" seam while the little squares needed just a 1/4" seam... Do you have a headache yet? I did by this point. Then came the issue of how to make the edges straight instead of zig zag. Don't even get me started when I had to round the corners...

It was never a simple quilt, but I completely loved the pattern and the sweet wintery fabrics! There are Christmas cookies, snowflakes, hot chocolate, mistletoe, partridges in pear trees, stars, and stripes in red, green, silvery blue, white, and grey. The cute factor is what kept me going, and the fact that it was just a lap sized quilt. Anything bigger and I don't think I would have finished! ;)

I decided to go all out with the cozy factor and use a wintery designed flannel for the back fabric, that way it is extra cuddly for cold winter nights. The front is really bright with the fabrics and white squares, while the back is dark with red, green, white, and black. It'll attract all the dog hair, but it will be so cozy I just couldn't help it!

I had it express shipped to be long arm quilted in hopes that it'll be back to me before our final road trip before little pea comes. The thought of driving 18 hours one way with only 3 days back in Texas before doing it again, all while being 7 months pregnant... I'm going to need something to get cuddly with to keep myself somewhat comfortable in the car! My hope is that this will fit the bill and be the perfect size. Plus, what better time to break out the wintery stuff than the day after Thanksgiving (or the day before in this case). ;)

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