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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm taking a short break from the September blog-a-day prompts and looking back at my August goals, and looking ahead at this month. 

Here's what my August goals looked like:

1. Try to avoid car sickness on our road trip to our family vaca. I have some amazing friends, and one brought me doTERRA essential oil samples to help with my nausea on the car ride. It got me through the first 9 of the 12 hours on the way there, and I was good on the ride home (but it was only 9 hours). I have loved them so much, I got my own cool mist diffuser and use it every night before I fall asleep. It really does help! Since then, I got some zofran from my doctor and I don't feel like I'm going to cough up little pea anymore. Whoo!
2. Move into my classroom! My hubs really did this for me, since lifting boxes would make my Grandma Rose fly down from Chicago and beat me over the head with a wet newspaper (not really, but I'd get my ear talked off and she'd probably cry, which might be worse). My room is HUGE and I'm so, so excited to start the year off in this new school!
3. Continue organizing my classroom library. 

4. Host a baby shower for friends. We hosted a baby Las Vegas. Amazingly, we found that moving tables into the grassy shade helped immensely! It was low key, but so much fun. The parents-to-be had a blast, nobody got sick from the heat, and that's really all that matters.
5. Make said friends a cute baby quilt. 
6. Clean the house so I can take some update pictures. We are still in the process of trying to sell some of the clutter, so my dining room needs some major love in this area. But I got my family room cleaned, and even polished up the piano and Amish fireplace with some lemon oil! So counting this as a success.

I'm hoping that by getting on a schedule again, and my zofran from my doctor, that I'll be feeling better! I'm also very impressed with how supportive at my school everyone is, and I know that if I'm having a rough day, I have people who can help me. Sometimes, I have a hard time asking for help (especially from people I don't know really well yet), but have had people just offer! 

Here's my goals for September:

1. Finish our friends' baby quilt.
2. Find fabric for little pea's nursery quilt.
3. Declutter the guest bedroom once and for all!
4. Survive my first month of school with 27 second graders
5. Get the house clean for some update pictures. 
6. Blog-a-day with Bailey's September challenge!

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  1. I noticed that you hadn't crossed out your goal to "Continue to organize [your] classroom library". Take a look at the Booksource Classroom Organizer. I've found it to be super helpful in my class!


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