eighteen weeks

Friday, September 19, 2014

I figured I would take a little break from the blog-a-day challenge and share some updates on pregnancy! 

how far along: 18 weeks, 3 days

baby size: Little pea is measuring right around 8 inches long, and weighing about 8 ounces.

baby's progress: We had our first of two anatomy scans this week (one on base, one off base). Everything looks great! I go back in two weeks for a fetal echocardiogram, which will be a thorough ultrasound of her heart by a children's cardiologist. Then, two weeks after that is my second anatomy scan. Lots of doctor's appointments!

weight gain: 14 lbs, but I'm kind of convinced it's all gone to my boobs. I went maternity clothes shopping and am still a size small in jeans, so I'm not super concerned about that number.

stretch marks: No, but I'm using Burt's Bees mama bee belly cream every other day. I definitely notice my belly itching if I don't use it! 

sleep: It kind of sucks right now. I wake up at least once in the middle of the night, and that's on a good night. If I don't go pee when I wake up, in the morning, my stomach will feel tight and hurt a little from holding it for too long. Oh, the joys of pregnancy no one tells you about! 

movement: YES! Finally started to feel her move! It started about a week and a half ago, but I wasn't sure what I was feeling was movement. When a nurse on base asked if I had felt any movement, my response was, "I don't know, maybe?" Um, wrong answer apparently. It's a yes or no question. We both laughed, though. I realized a few days later it was, in fact, her moving. It feels like little bubbles.

best moment this week: Getting some maternity clothes. Finally, I love wearing jeans again. I'm also so ready for cooler weather, because I got a very cute sweater and cardigan to wear. 

looking forward to: The military baby shower next month. I found out about a week ago I was accepted into Las Vegas' military baby shower, which I had several friends recommend I apply for. They all said it is such a beautiful experience, and I'm really excited for it!

food cravings: Still lots of fruit, and Chipotle. I also love chicken tacos, but they have to be homemade. 

weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing strange, really. Lots of fruit, and Austen made chili for the week. 

anything making you queasy or sick: The dog food a little still. I'm better though if I drink some chocolate milk in the morning before feeding them. Maybe it's just putting something in my belly? 

labor signs: No

what I miss: Orange juice and skinny girl vodka. It's been one of those weeks where that sounds so good right now...

symptoms: Lots of bathroom breaks. Some headaches (it's a bad day when you wake up with a headache!). A little nausea, but mostly heartburn.   

things that suck: All of those middle of the night bathroom breaks. Oh, and completely losing patience by the end of the work day. I wish I had the patience of a saint right now, but I just don't.

things that don't suck: Been putting the nursery together slowly. I think we have all of the artwork/wall stuff picked out and ready to hang, expect for the letters for her name. I love anthropologie's zinc letters, but am having a hard time spending $18 per letter! Oh, and I ordered a pair of 0-6 month moccs in a deep purple color that are so cute! We just got them and I cannot wait to decorate the babe. 

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