day 22: favorite blogs

Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 22: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

I feel like I read different blogs for different reasons. I've shared favorite blogs before, but thought today, I'd share ones that I love because of the girls behind the blogs. They are ladies who are inspirational in some way or another. 

She's from practically the same part of Fort Worth as I am, and started renovating a fixer upper just before her wedding. It reminded me so much of our old house in Denton that we did 101 renovations to several years ago. Her house has become such a cozy home, and her heart of opening it up whenever she can to guests is so refreshing! I'm also convinced her house is always spotless... I need some pointers on how to keep floors and couches clean with dogs! ;)

I found her blog through Victoria's. She's also pregnant right now, but with a little boy and further along than I am. She also teaches, and it's fun to see her balance life as a teacher, a wife, and soon-to-be mom. 

Another blogger I found through Victoria! She has the most adorable Southern accent, combines working part time as a school librarian with starting up a videography and photography business with her husband. She has two floppy eared dogs that are too cute, and lots of pictures of b&bw candles!

She is such a doll! She's planning her wedding, loves to travel, and is all around just precious to know. I love her sneaks of what they're doing for their wedding, and cannot wait to see more pictures to come! Oh, and her ring is blingin'.

This girl I know in real life. She is the best. We met because our husbands were both stationed here at Nellis, and loved going out for puppy playdates or wine & painting nights. She has since moved back to the Bay Area in California (which I'm super jealous about) but she is still the sweetest. I recently got an adorable "Katie's Kitchen" cookbook from her, she sends me links to leather baby moccs when she finds them (love her for that), and still manages to take pictures of her two precious Boston terriers, Sugar & Kane. I wish she lived closer!! Oh, and one thing everyone should know about Katie: one Halloween, we decided to dress up as old ladies in moo moos and watch Practical Magic. Scary movie, ya'll. At one point, I closed my eyes while she plugged her ears, and between the two of us, we fast forwarded through scary parts. Afterwards, we threw the movie in my trash can (outside, not inside), and watched Hocus Pocus and Long Island Medium. I just love her.

So, those are some of my favs! Check them out, and tell them I sent you. ;)

Brave Love Blog


  1. You are the SWEETEST! LOVE YOU! and even though I haven't posted anything recently, thank you so much for saying its your fav! :) I love reading yours and seeing whats going on. Miss you tons! xoxox!


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