day 21: autumn favorites

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 21: Fall Favorites. What do you love most about this season?

So, the desert really doesn't have an autumn season. It'll sort of happen right around Halloween, last for maybe two weeks, and then it feels more like winter. Autumn is my favorite, so this is a huge bummer for me! I cannot wait to move back to Texas where we'll have a more distinguished autumn season again. It still doesn't compare to autumn in the midwest though! 

We escaped up to Utah on the weekends last year, and that filled my love for all things autumn. The aspens were changing colors and were such a gorgeous wave of goldens and bright greens. It was cold enough that even hoodies didn't keep you warm (which is all you really need here in the desert), and the local pizza place was our spot to warm up at. 

While we were driving up to see family in Colorado this summer, I told Austen how much I can't wait to bring our babies to a pumpkin patch in a few years, have family and friends over for caramel apples, and set carved pumpkins out on our porch. 

I also spray painted some tacky, metal pumpkins last year. I went with white first, and hated it. So, I redid them as gold and now want to keep them out all year long. I love to put pumpkins all around our house. On the t.v. stand, the piano, in a bowl on the dining table... you get the idea.

Our anniversary is also October 28, and while we didn't have a big wedding, we did have a reception/shower with friends and family. We picked oranges, deep reds, and browns as our colors during that, and we still decorate a lot within those color palettes. 

A few other random loves about this season:

- b&bw candles in pumpkin scents, and good ole' "leaves"
- chunky knit scarves
- boots and heeled booties
- turning the Amish fireplace on in the mornings and watching Lilly cozy up on her bed by the fireside
- hot chocolate and baked apples
- lots of textures! from weaved baskets to knitted blankets layered with quilts

Autumn is my favorite. I'm so, so ready for the weather to cool off permanently! I also love to get inspiration from other people's homes during autumn. I can't wait to see what others link up with that they love about this season. 

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  1. Great post. Those are cute pictures and the pumpkin is awesome! Fall is such a pretty season wish you could enjoy it for longer then two weeks.



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