day 16: weight loss journey

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 16: "Most people don't know this but..."

...I used to be fat. 

At least, on my frame I was. I'm only 5'4". And honestly, I sort of knew I was, but at first, didn't care. Once I did care, it was immensely hard to get the weight off. 

Here's just one picture of before: 

That was just before my senior year of high school. I don't know what I even weighed then, but I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. 

Fast forward to at Austen's basic training graduation. Some weight had come off since then, but not enough to actually be considered "small" or "healthy" by anyone's standards. I had been working hard for those 2 months he was gone. I remember starting off weighing 156 lbs, and the first week, all I did was cut out fast food. Ya'll, I was living alone and had no one to cook for. It was so easy to just grab fast food for dinner, and I probably did so 3x a week. Nasty, I know. That week, I lost 5 lbs by just cutting out the fast food. I was so grossed out by that number, that it changed the way I looked at fast food. After that, I started working out a few times a week and tried to eat healthier. I weighed 145 lbs by the time his graduation came around.

september 2010

After we got married and were living together, I started cooking for us and put on a couple of lbs again. Granted, in the next picture, I tried to hunch over a little so that Austen would look even taller than me, and it only made me look bigger. Still, I had gained back some weight. 

january 2011

I tried to lose weight here in Vegas, but continued to struggle with it. This is going to sound so strange, but it took having a tonsillectomy in September 2011 in order for me to realize I was simply eating too much. My body didn't need the sizes of portions that I was eating. It took me being unable to eat for 11 days to realize this, but once I did, it made a difference. I lost about 10 lbs during those 11 days following surgery, but really didn't gain it back once I was able to eat again. 

november 2012

A lot of people don't agree with this next part, but to each their own. I began weighing myself every morning. I might have even been a little obsessive about it. I just wanted to know what I weighed. But here's why it worked for me: because it taught me about my body. I learned so much about what foods affect my body, about how the times I eat affect my body, and that weights affect what sizes fit. 

So I made changes to my lifestyle. I didn't diet, I made changes that I stuck with. I stopped eating past 4:30-5:00pm. I don't have a high metabolism, so by not eating so late in the day, my body has time to finish processing what I ate. Slowly but steadily, more weight came off. Then, we began eating less processed foods and more organic produce and free-range meats. I lost even more weight, and especially inches. My goal was 125-130 lbs (depending on how I felt) and I eventually made it to 128 lbs over the course of two more years.

march 2014

What really went down were my sizes though. I went from a size 12 to a size 4/6 in pants. I went from wearing larges in shirts to smalls. My bra size went down from a 36D to a 34B. I loved having small jeans and small boobs! I felt so confident in my own skin, and genuinely felt so much healthier. 

With pregnancy, yes, I've put on weight. And no, it hasn't all gone to my belly. Honest to goodness, that's been frustrating for me. I have 2 pairs of dress pants that had gotten so big in May, I could wiggle them over my hips without unbuttoning them. Now, they won't button and I have to wear a belly band with them. Oh, and my legs have filled them out again. I have my moments of being frustrated with the changes happening to my body, but I also know that the weight will come off post baby. Breastfeeding will help with that, and I also know the tricks that work for my body. 

For kicks and giggles, here's a recent picture of me at 17 weeks + a few days pregnant:

september 2014, pregnant! :)

So far, I'm up 13 lbs, and my family laughs that most of that has gone to my boobs. Seriously though, I'm up a bra size already, but am still a size small in jeans from Motherhood Maternity (side note - why do they not have number sizes for their maternity pants? anyone know?). As long as the weight starts going to my belly and not to my butt anymore, I'll be just fine with the weight gain! ;)

To sum this long post up, ultimately, it took me realizing that it's okay to be a little hungry sometimes. Our portions are much too big for what our bodies really need, and processed crap doesn't count as real food. This really made a world of a difference for me. Oh, and I teased a nurse once who asked me what my exercise regime is, and I asked if teaching counts. She laughed and said yes. So being busy and on my feet all day does help, too! I also found that finding exercise in non-exercise ways helped. I hate running and really anything that feels like I'm working out, but love skiing (core and leg strength) and yoga. Find something that gets you up and moving, but that you really like to do! I'm also going to try some workout videos (like Jillian Michaels) post baby to help tone up again quicker than it took last time. 

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  1. My current goal is to be healthier. Yes, I do want to weigh less and lose sizes, but if I can first and foremost be healthier, I think the rest will come. Thank you for this post! It can be done. :)


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