day 14: blogging

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 14: When did you start blogging and why?

I had to look it up, but I first posted about Austen's basic training graduation on September 23, 2010. I began blogging as a way to document our move from Texas to Las Vegas. It wasn't anything fancy by any means, but I do like that I wrote about how I was feeling then and can look back on it now. The pictures are all tiny, and it reads more like a journal than like a blog. Oh, and the fact that we look like babies cracks me up! 

Since then, this blog has come a long way, and had a name change. It was originally "dogtags & diamonds". One thing that I loved about that, though, was a good friend of mine's mom made me a small canvas of the blog title. It's still in our guest bedroom on the nightstand. Changing it to "sweet pea's" had more meaning though, since that's Austen's nickname for me. It felt like it could grow more with us as life changes.

What I love is that our blog has been documenting our life together all along our way from dating, through marriage, and now into becoming parents. 

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  1. You guys look super cute!!!!! I love going back and reading the first posts!


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