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Friday, August 22, 2014

This week was a big ultrasound for us. Due to my heart condition, I'm in dual care with the hospital on the Air Force base, and a perinatalogist off base. My doctors on base have been wonderful, but we especially love our doctor off base. I see him about every 3 weeks, and they usually don't match up with the same weeks I go to the doctors on base. Needless to say, I have frequent appointments! 

On Monday, our ultrasound was an exciting one though, because we were able to find out little pea's gender!! Yes, I'm only 14 weeks, but the doctor said we're about 90% sure, while the ultrasonograph said she's 99.9% sure on this one. After seeing the ultrasound in person, we agree with her! 

Let me give ya'll an update though on pregnancy:

how far along: 14 weeks, 3 days

baby size: Little pea is measuring right around 7-8 cm long, which is about the size of your middle finger.

baby's progress: So far, everything looks great! The ultrasonographer had a residential assistant in the room with her, and she was able to show her (and us) where most of little pea's organs are. She said she could almost do a full anatomy scan (which isn't until 20 weeks).

weight gain: 9 lbs, but I used to eat like a bird and now I eat almost constantly... almost everything I eat is fruits and salads, though, so really it's a number on the scale to me right now, and I know it'll come off post baby.

stretch marks: No, but I have started using Burt's Bee's "mama bee" belly cream. The smell alone is amazing.

sleep: Eh. I wake up a lot to go to the bathroom. I tucked Austen's memory foam pillow between my knees before he came to bed on Wednesday night, and it was like a dream. Definitely getting a body pillow this weekend!

movement: Little pea was having a dance party at the last ultrasound! Lots of flips and kicks, and even some fist pumping at one point. I can't feel any of it yet, but am excited to!

best moment this week: Finding out little pea's gender!

looking forward to: Registering! We're doing all of it through a website online, which I'll share more about later. We've put a few things on there, and I'm looking forward to adding more of the big stuff. 

food cravings: Fruit, and thank goodness it's not insanely priced yet. Also, apples dipped in cream cheese frosting is kind of amazing... But I got in maybe 2 swipes before I realized there is nothing healthy about that, and just ate the apple plain. Still delicious.

weirdest food I ate this week: I think the apples in cream cheese frosting. I might have weird cravings, but I don't usually give in to any of them.

anything making you queasy or sick: Red meat. And our homemade dog food. 

labor signs: No

what I miss: My old jeans. I can still hide the bump (but not for much longer) and have the urge to walk around talking about something pregnancy related so people realize I'm not chunky, that it's a baby! ;)

symptoms: Still nausea in the evenings, but my doctor prescribed me zofran so I'm hoping that'll help. Lots of mood swings and exhaustion.  

things that suck: Work started back up this week, so those early mornings are rough. At least my new school starts later than last year, so I get an extra hour of sleep than I did before! 

things that don't suck: Setting up the nursery! Austen's going to put together the crib, we need to get a crib mattress still, but everything else is in place which is so exciting!

And, the most exciting piece of news this week is that little pea is a...


We could not be more tickled pink (pun intended) to have a sweet daughter. Let the fun of buying all girly things begin... :)


  1. Ahhhhh! Congratulations on your baby GIRL!!! So excited for you, you look beautiful and love seeing your baby grow so much already! xox

  2. Congrats!!! I had a feeling with you wearing pink in that bump picture it was a girl.


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