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Friday, August 1, 2014

July is gone. It's officially August, and the month school starts. Holy smokes. I'm ready to be back in a schedule (I think), hoping that as my second trimester is coming up quickly that I'll start feeling better, and maybe - just maybe - it'll start to cool down a little bit. But that's just wishful thinking... Anyone in Vegas knows that won't happen until close to Halloween.

Here's what my ambitious July goals looked like:

1. Read 1-2 books. ((mark of the lion and the nesting place))
2. Make an IKEA trip with Melyssa ((& maybe have the hubs chauffeur us there)). 
3. Declutter furniture we no longer need.
4. Finish organizing my school materials.
5. Finish a quilt I started!

Let's chat about how those actually worked out...

I was able to get some reading done! I finished Bread & Wine for my second time, and started reading The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. I never made a trip to IKEA, all because I never put the plans together because I now get car sick and driving 4 hours sounds kind of miserable right now. Check in with me in a few weeks when we take a 12 hour car trip for a family vaca... We did, however, do a lot of decluttering! We moved out of the Utah condo, sold about 1/2 of that furniture so far, and have been gathering stuff we no longer need for a garage sale/to donate once it cools down. In terms of organizing school supplies, that's a yes and no. I've been working on sorting my classroom library by AR levels on days that I feel good. And quilting? I wish. I haven't sewn in months. I blame it on the nausea. 

For August, my goals won't be so ambitious. I'm making a baby. That has to count for a lot of productivity, right?

1. Try to avoid car sickness on our road trip to our family vaca. 
2. Move into my classroom!
3. Continue organizing my classroom library. 
4. Host a baby shower for friends. 
5. Make said friends a cute baby quilt. 
6. Clean the house so I can take some update pictures. 

Nothing ambitious. Nausea and morning sickness kick my butt, and on days when it's bad, there isn't much I get done except for logging hours watching Boy Meets World reruns. I'm hoping it'll go away as I come out of the first trimester, but am not really counting on it after hearing how long some of my friends struggled with it! If anyone has advice on ways that worked for their nausea, please let me know! I'll try just about anything right now.

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  1. You are so funny Katie I love your "I'm making a baby" line. Made me laugh. Where are you going for your vacation?


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