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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June was such a wonderful, refreshing month. I finished my first year of teaching, we were able to take our summer Texas vaca to visit family and friends, and I was able to relax a lot by the pool with sweet friends! Overall, I think June brought more joy than any other month has so far this year.

Here were our June goals:

1. Finish the wintery x quilt top, and bind my swoon quilt.
2. Swap the guest room and office...again.
3. Eliminate clothes and excess in our bedroom. Maybe rearrange a shelf arrangement? 
4. Buy ((or make)) a new wreath for our front door.
5. Spend time back in Texas!!
6. Buy a Texas flag for the outside of our house. I could not find a Texas flag anywhere in Texas! Seriously, ya'll?! 
7. Cook or bake 3 new recipes.
8. Start couch to 5k. There's talk of the Disneyland Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon next spring circulating throughout my family, so I kind of need to be able to run 1 full mile if I'm going to sign up for 13.1! ;)

I was also able to check a few things off from past months that I had kept putting off, like changing out artwork in our house, and swapping a silk flower arrangement in our dining room with a Fiddle leaf fig plant ((which I love)). Those little things have made such a big difference in the way I feel about our home reflecting us and not just a particular style. I'm continuing to learn that things don't have to be a matchy-matchy style to feel put together. When it reflects your personalities, it will have a sense of connection. 

my parents' new neighbor! more to come on that exciting news ;)

So, for July, here are some goals to keep me productive during the only entire summer month off:

1. Read 1-2 books. ((mark of the lion and the nesting place))
2. Make an IKEA trip with Melyssa ((& maybe have the hubs chauffeur us there)). 
3. Declutter furniture we no longer need.
4. Finish organizing my school materials.
5. Finish a quilt I started!

I am so, so excited for July. I am looking forward to catching up on house projects and just taking it easy. I am learning to embrace and treasure the slow, sweet moments this summer. 

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I need an ice cream sandwich to truly savor the summer... ;)

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  1. Doll face, I think you forgot that we need a lunch date soon! I'd love to see you and Melyssa :) xo, Ally


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