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Monday, June 2, 2014

Well, hello June! It's officially summer time and I am ready to soak up three months of no school. 

Here's how our May goals went: 

1. Change out some artwork in the house.
2. Finish a wintery quilt top, and start on the quilt for our bed. I didn't finish the wintery quilt, but I did start and finish a swoon quilt for our bed in 2 weeks! 
3. Go through our clothes and donate anything we don't wear anymore.
4. Swap the guest room with the office...again.
5. Move into the condo next door in Utah ((a little bigger, and newly renovated, with a dishwasher! whoop!)).
6. Host a dinner for my best friend, who is moving back to Las Vegas! We had everyone come stay up at the Utah condo for Memorial Day weekend, so that counts. Ha. 
7. Move out of my classroom, and come up with organization of teaching stuff in our garage for the summer.

And here are our goals for June: 

1. Finish the wintery x quilt top, and bind my swoon quilt.
2. Swap the guest room and office...again.
3. Eliminate clothes and excess in our bedroom. Maybe rearrange a shelf arrangement? 
4. Buy ((or make)) a new wreath for our front door.
5. Spend time back in Texas!!
6. Buy a Texas flag for the outside of our house. 
7. Cook or bake 3 new recipes.
8. Start couch to 5k. There's talk of the Disneyland Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon next spring circulating throughout my family, so I kind of need to be able to run 1 full mile if I'm going to sign up for 13.1! ;)

I am so excited to spend some time off this summer, recharging and reorganizing our home. And ((hopefully)) becoming a runner. Yikes, I'm a little nervous about that last one! Any runners out there with recommendations? 

Cheers to summer vaca, ya'll!

1 comment:

  1. love the goals!! I need to clean out clothes etc too

    You can totally run a mile!! I never thought I could, but now I am at 3.1 miles straight.
    Just practice practice :)


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