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Monday, June 16, 2014

It's finally finished! I have been so anxious and excited to see the finished swoon quilt. My goal of having a quilt for every bed is pretty much complete, as this is our designated master bedroom quilt. ((one thing I do plan to add is two Euro shams in swoon square covers to match our quilt, instead of the tan shams we currently have))

Ya'll can check out my first post about the swoon quilt here, and then all of the fabric sources here. I found Abby through Camille Roskelley, the designer of the swoon quilt, and Abby's quilting work is impeccable! I will definitely be using her again, most likely for my wintery x quilt.

She did a Baptist fan quilting pattern on my quilt. It's kind of the unspoken mandatory quilting pattern for swoon quilts, ever since Camille used it for both the original swoon, and her own personal one. I think it just might be the most perfect quilting pattern, ever! ((I might be just a little excited about my first professional quilted quilt, ya'll... but I also do love the orange peel quilting pattern!))

I also chose to buy my batting and solid grey backing fabric from Abby as well. It was worth it to me, especially since that meant it wouldn't have a seam in the back. It doesn't bother me on my other two quilts, but I am thankful for the lack of it on this one. It just has a seamless flow on the back side. I picture making forts with our quilts someday with our babies, and seeing the continuity on the back of this quilt will be nice with the Baptist fan pattern. 

And that's my swoon quilt.

I basically love it. So does the hubs.

Now, if ya'll don't mind, I'm going to snuggle under the warm, freshly washed and dried, soft and cozy, swoon quilt.

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