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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day. 

It's not about the veterans who are serving or who have served. No, that's what Veteran's Day is for. Memorial Day is to remember those individuals who gave their lives fighting for our country. 

Thursday, I came quickly home from school because Austen was leaving in the evening for a night training with the special forces squadron. I spent the evening cleaning the house, which wasn't so bad. He came home around midnight and climbed in bed.

I woke up to blood all over his pillow. 

Fake blood, but I didn't know that at 5:30am. 

He was an "injured" Airman for their training this time. His wounds included a broken and bleeding femur and burn wounds in his throat. He told me about their training the next morning. 

I came home from work and started on laundry when I picked up a pair of his ABU uniform pants. I was shocked for a second until I realized they were his pants from the night before, covered in blood with a rip through the front where they treated his "injuries". 

There were moments where I sat there realizing that I am so lucky. For some reason, training as if my husband could have died from his "injuries" was just a little to real just days before Memorial Day weekend.

I am beyond thankful this Memorial Day to be sleeping next to my Airman. To hold him close and throw away a pair of ABU pants covered in fake blood, not the real deal. I'm thankful his "injuries" were washed away by soap and water. I'm thankful that my man in uniform is alive and healthy. That he has not paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 

There are many others who are not so lucky. Who cling to blood stained clothes because those were the last thing their love wore. I cannot imagine their pain. I just can't. 

So this Memorial Day, I'm thankful to those who have given their lives for our freedom, but I'm also thankful beyond words to their families. They live with that burden every day. One I hope I never know. 

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  1. Say thank you to your amazing hubby for serving our country! Happy Memorial Day sweet Katie! xox


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