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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I made a crazy quilting goal for myself:

To finish a queen sized quilt top in two weeks. A swoon quilt, to be exact. Which meant no precut fabric, I would have to cut all of the fabric myself. ((anyone who quilts knows that precuts are sent from heaven and major time savers!))

The swoon squares are huge, at 24" each, so it only takes nine to make a queen sized quilt. I have until Monday to have it all pieced together and done, and have just two more squares to go. I'm going to make it!

The reason I wanted to finish it so quickly is because this will be my first quilt I have professionally quilted for me. She was recommended, and has about a four week turn around time. We leave for our Texas summer vaca back home in June, and I wanted to have it done and back to me before we go back to Texas. The sooner I can get it to her, the sooner I can have it back, essentially.

I want to show our family a quilt that I am really, really in love with. I've swooned for the swoon quilt, as they say. ;) I'm also hoping to spend some time quilting with Austen's great aunt Jenny, and would absolutely love to show her.

So call me crazy, but this is what I've spent my weeknights doing. It's been relaxing to hear the swish of the scissors and hum of my sewing machine all evening long for the past week and a half. I sort of love it.

I'll share more pictures, with better quality than way-too-late-at-night-aka-crappy-lighting iPhone pictures later. The quilt theme is yellow/orange and grey squares, with all Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics. I'll source and share more later, promise!

I seriously have swooned for the swoon quilt. Insert the heart-eyed emoji here.

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  1. Beautiful! Amazing at how you know how to do this, I can't even sew a BUTTON!


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