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Monday, May 12, 2014

I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by since we were in Poland. I think ever since we left Krakow, I have been craving paczki. Good thing I found a cute little Polish deli in Las Vegas that has fresh paczki on Saturdays! A post about our little Polish Saturday will be coming soon... ;)

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Thursday and Friday of our trip in Poland were spent with family. My aunt had done so much research in our family ancestry, and we were able to get to see these places firsthand, which was incredible.

My great-grandfather came from Kwikow, Poland when he moved to Chicago. My great-grandmother was from a nearby village called Szczurowa. We were able to visit both on Thursday. 

I was named Kathryn after my great-grandmother. While we don't know for sure, we assume this is the church that she was baptized into the Catholic Church in. It was beautiful, and I would love to go back to do more research into her side of the family. 

We took a visit to the local cemetery where we were able to see the final resting place of some of our family members who stayed in Poland while my ancestors came to the United States. There was a section with a large cross with 1915 on the bottom, and they explained that these were all soldiers who died in WWII. 

On our way to dinner with family, we found a stork. Of course, I chased it down, begging for a little Polish baby! My cousin, Maria, is also 25 years old, so she wanted a baby, too ((we teased her that she has to get married, first!)). 

Maria and I might have found a stork, but Auntie Donna found chickens! 

With such a beautiful background of the farms in Kwikow, we couldn't help but get a couple of family pictures of myself and Maria, then also of Auntie Donna, Jozef, and my momma. 

We had a lovely dinner with some of Maria's cousins who are also Latuszek's ((my grandma's Polish maiden name)). Oh, and not one of them spoke English! Lots of smiling and nodding ((not sure what we were nodding to, though... I think at one point, it was more food, which we could not eat any more of!)). Their neighbors also have cows, I think 18 to be exact, so we took a trip over to the barn after dinner. There was a little cutie who was just a couple of days old, they said. I wanted to take him home with me. 

On Friday, we spent our last day in Poland with Maria's older brother, Gregory, and his family. They had a darling log house out on acreage a couple of hours from Krakow. Being that it was Holy Friday, we took a pilgrimage after we enjoyed a breakfast of open faced sandwiches, tea served in Polish pottery ((be still my heart!)), and coffee on their back porch. 

Long story short, we were not at all prepared for the crowd of Catholics, so we were almost trampled and then hiked up the side of a mountain to observe the Mass service. It had to be at least a 35* incline on the side of this mountain, and I'm really not exaggerating! I was in TOMS ((aka - no traction)) while Jozef was wearing a full suit! Needless to say, we were not alone on the mountain, and after we caught our breath, it was a really neat experience. 

We were able to sample some salted cheese on the walk back to our cars, and Gregory's wife had the most delicious dinner of pierogi ruski that we had ever had! 

Saturday, we had an early morning flight to Frankfurt, Germany, and then our 9 hour flight to Chicago, and another 4 hours for me back to Las Vegas. Including two of our four flight delays, it took me a full 25 hours of traveling ((not counting any time changes...)) to finally make it home to Austen and the boogs. It felt so good to be back in my own bed after 10 days of being gone. 

Poland was incredible. 

I'm watching lots of Polish DVDs and reading, especially this summer, in hopes of learning the language better. I cannot wait to go back, and take Austen ((and hopefully our babies by then)) with me to see where my family is from. 

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  1. These pictures are amazing! I also love that you spell your name with a "y". My sister's name is spelled the same way and I've never seen anyone else spell it that way. Cool!


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