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Friday, May 9, 2014

It's May 9, ya'll. 

Three weeks left of school until summer vaca. I just had a substitute day to pull students for benchmark assessments, have an upcoming Staff Development Day, and a day off for Air Force biz. This month is going to fly by!

Here's how my April goals looked:

1. Teaching stuff. I'm going to leave it at that until more can be said. I'll share more later, but all is well!
2. Take lots of gorgeous pictures in Poland! Also, will be on the lookout for some Polish pottery, Easter pysanky eggs, Disney DVDs, and children's books. I'm continuing to share some of my posts from our Poland trip, but you can see the first three here, here, and here.
3. Finish reading Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist and maybe start some of my Beth Moore books I downloaded ((my first experience with downloadable books...not sure what I think yet! do any of ya'll prefer downloadable books to the real deal?)) I finished Bittersweet and loved it. I also read some of my downloaded books by Beth Moore on the airplane.
4. Change out some artwork in the house. 
5. Get the hubs to go through his clothes! There are shirts from elementary school in there...

the paczki has nothing to do with any of this... i just really want a paczki. 

I'm so excited for all that this month holds! Here are my goals for May:

1. Change out some artwork in the house.
2. Finish a wintery quilt top, and start on the quilt for our bed.
3. Go through our clothes and donate anything we don't wear anymore.
4. Swap the guest room with the office...again.
5. Move into the condo next door in Utah ((a little bigger, and newly renovated, with a dishwasher! whoop!)).
6. Host a dinner for my best friend, who is moving back to Las Vegas!
7. Move out of my classroom, and come up with organization of teaching stuff in our garage for the summer.

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  1. MOVE OUT of your room??

    Where are you going?


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