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Monday, May 19, 2014

Everyone I know is celebrating something, and I love it. I love this season of life where we are all joyful, there is new life and new phases of life, and everything feels fresh again.

Our good friends, Luke & Ashley, are pregnant with their first baby, a little boy. We are so, so excited for them! A baby shower ((and of course, a baby quilt)) are in the near future. While she and I were shopping for fabric, we found this precious turquoise and grey baby fabric. We both bought some, because it's that perfect. Heck, she wouldn't even let me hold the bolt because she was afraid she'd never get it back... ;)

She had a great idea of making it into a baby blanket using soft, baby-perfect minky fabric. We tossed around a few ideas with it, and finally settled on this:

I tried it out for my baby blanket before she and I made hers together, and it was so quick and easy, I wanted to share it with ya'll!

You'll need:
- 1 year of regular fabric
- 1 1/2 yards of minky fabric
- ruler
- pen
- scissors
- straight pins
- a sewing machine

First, cut 4 strips of your minky fabric at 4" for your border. I chose to cut my minky border at 4", which left it as 3 1/2" once it was all sewn up. 

Then, pin the right side of your minky fabric to the right side of your regular fabric. I noticed that my minky fabric stretched as I sewed, but not in a way that was noticeable when I was done. So take that into consideration and be okay with the stretch as it comes! After you have sewed on one side, trim the excess fabric. 

Attach your third and fourth borders by overlapping them to your pre-exhisting borders. I prefer to sew borders so that opposite sides are done first, and then the last two opposite sides are done, that way it creates a nice boxed look instead of cutting angles so that corners match. 

Lay your baby blanket face down on top of your minky fabric, right sides together. Pin all the way around your blanket, then sew along all four sides, leaving about a 6-8" gap at the very end. 

Pull your baby blanket through the gap so that the right sides are both facing out. Gently turn in a tiny bit from both sides of your blanket and stitch to close the gap. Turning in the fabric creates the illusion that you didn't leave an opening at the end, instead of having raw edges on this area. 

Finally, enjoy your sweet, new baby blanket! 

This really is the perfect gift for a friend expecting, as you can pair up any fabric with any color of minky fabric! There was such a great selection at JoAnn's too, we were so excited to have found a turquoise that matches the animals in the fabric perfectly! This will be such a sweet blanket for Luke & Ashley's little man. We're keeping this one on hold for ourselves someday, and I think it's gender neutral enough to go well with our turquoise knitted blanket and quilted Hawaiian snowflake pillow, too. ((yes ya'll, I'm on a turquoise nursery kick right now... I just need a baby so I can decorate a nursery guilt free!))

I also think that this color combo might be in their baby shower now, seeing as how much Ashley loves it...

Is anyone else planning any baby showers in the near future, or having one in honor of them? I'm dreaming up other baby blanket ideas with minky highlighting other colors in the fabric, or downplaying them. Like a cream minky with light pinks, aqua, and yellows for a girl? Or all neutrals for a couple choosing not to know their baby's gender? The possibilities are endless!

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  1. These are adorable! Two of my cousins just announced they're having babies so this could be perfect! :)


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