memorial day weekend

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We recently moved condos in Utah to a bigger condo next door to our old one. We love to entertain and invite friends to stay the weekend with us in Utah, and this just made a lot more sense. Plus, it has a dishwasher, ya'll.

For Memorial Day weekend, we crammed 7 people in the new condo. There was myself and Austen, Luke and Ashley, John and Jessica, and Tripp ((his wife moves out to Nellis in a couple of months, yay!)). We spent most of our days out on the lake fishing for trout, and enjoyed a BBQ with our catches of the day for dinner.

ashley and jessica. they are my people. my home base. the ones i call when things don't go as planned, and the ones i call when we need to celebrate. we cover all phases of life: a momma-to-be, a wife, and a girlfriend. we've been through it all together. pregnancies that happen quickly and unexpectedly, pregnancies that aren't coming quickly, divorce, and tdy's (temp. deployments). we've cried and laughed together more times than we can count. i know that life will hand us lots of friends, but i really don't know how we can have a better bunch than this one right now. 

It was so good to spend that time with everyone. We love to have friends spend the weekend with us in Utah, because there is so much to do! Plus, getting away from the triple digits in Las Vegas is pretty nice, too. Even if the boys nearly tip the little fishing boat over every single time they moved...

Oh, and before we were able to enjoy the lake, we had to enjoy a crackling fire because it was snowing outside. No. Joke. It's almost June, and it snowed at least 3 inches. It was nice but, seriously, Utah?! I'm hoping for nicer weather so we can go 4-wheeling and dirt biking more, not skiing!

I hope each and every single one of ya'll enjoyed your long weekends. We have only 5 1/2 days of school left until summer vaca. Praise. The. Lord.

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