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Monday, April 7, 2014

My mind is all over the place this week, with Poland just a few days away, things at work are in the "push comes to shove" mode, and lots of great stuff happening up with our place in Utah. Due to the latter, I thought I would share a little wife trick today ((as Austen calls these sorts of things)).  

Over a year ago, when we first signed our lease on the condo, I went shopping at the thrift store for some items. I got some kitchen pots that are precious in red and green, and a wool blanket. The hubs hated it. He hated it so much, we used it for a few months as a dog bed, folded up by the wood burning stove. It came home to Vegas and hung out on the floor in our laundry for a while, too. Finally, I decided I liked the traditional tulip pattern and colors too much for it to go to waste. 

So I searched for how to soften wool. 

As strange as this might sound, what I found that worked was to "wash" it with hair conditioner. No joke! I did this twice, since ours was really rough and it worked like a charm. We use the wool blanket as a middle layer on our bed in Utah between a flat sheet and a quilt and it is soft enough that Austen didn't realize he was sleeping with a wool blanket until I told him. 

please excuse the crappy iPhone photo! oh, and the dog bones just in the background...

A word to the wise, though, is that wool will continue to shrink every time you wash it. We don't wash ours often, now that we have it to the softness we want it at. Just a heads up!

So there ya'll have it. A crazy simple way to soften wool. I can check that off of my "Little Wife 101" classes needed, according to the hubs... 

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  1. haha there is always a dog bone or dog toys in my photos as well. it just means we're awesome dog parents. i've never even owned anything wool let alone a huge blanket. but i guess i won't try to hair conditioner thing. haha


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