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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This past weekend, Austen & I took a couple of days off to head back to Texas for a wedding of one of his close friends. I was looking forward to lots of time with family, some Texas humidity ((I strongly dislike the lack of humidity in the desert, ya'll)), and even a little shopping time.

I enjoyed Thursday night with my sisters and a quick visit from my parents, and woke up Friday morning sick. As in so sick that I lost 6 lbs in 12 hours... But, I toughed it out thinking it was from eating 3 Panera Bread baguettes with my soup the night before ((I hadn't eaten all day and was so hungry!)) I enjoyed a little shopping day with my sister, Lauren, before heading up to my parents for family dinner.

At that point, a fever hit me and I ate 3 bites of rice at the dinner my parents made per my request. I had to leave the table at one point to go lay down in the guest bedroom and cried. We were in town for 2 1/2 days, and I was finally at family dinner and instead of soaking it up, I was sick as a dog.

The silver lining was I had my momma. She kept me at their house while Austen ran the dogs over to his parents', and then she sent me to our cottage for the weekend with some gatorade. She came over the next day with the BRAT diet for me and sat on the covered porch just to talk and make sure I was okay for a few hours. My in-laws came over and even as I got ready for the wedding and listened to the three of them sit outside talking, my heart was overwhelmed at how blessed I was to hear their voice so close by. Even big girls need their mommas.

The wedding was lovely, and was held at the TWU Little Chapel in the Woods, which is 1 street over from my parents' house ((which is the same house Austen & I lived in while we were in Denton)). That was super sweet! One of Austen's friends was also in town for the wedding, so he stayed with us at the cottage and hungout with us for the weekend.

Even though I was sick for most of it, I'm so glad we went home. It was nice to have both my husband and momma take care of me, and to spend time with family. I was finally able to see what my parents' have done with our old house, which was so sweet! I still love that little old farmhouse.

Can I get an amen that mommas are the best to have around when you're sick, even if you're almost 25 years old?


  1. Loved this post girl! Your pink dress looks so pretty on you :) Looks like you enjoyed the wedding and had a great trip! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok, that last picture is ridiculous! Your hair is the bomb! Sorry you felt so bad but it looks like you made a great recovery!


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