my 25th birthday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Well holy smokes. I turned 25 on Sunday.

Not gonna lie, a part of me suddenly feels really old for writing that. At least my sister reassured me during some family facetiming yesterday that I'm good, because I've been married for nearly 4 years. So really, 25 isn't all that old. Whew.

The weekend was quiet and sweet. Austen & I went out for a nice Italian dinner on Saturday night before grocery shopping. He got me a bouquet of lilies ((my favorites)) and we spent Sunday just getting stuff done. I got a hair cut and he had midterms due, so he worked on that most of the day. I did a little gardening and some sewing. He made us salmon for dinner, and I made a delish cake!

I like things to be kept low key. No drama, no fuss. Just a day in with my love and our boogs.

And Lilly & Shiloh liked to snuggle through the wind storms ((in our defense, they wanted to be outside in it...I kept telling them the couch was much cozier!)). Plus, I haven't shared a classic Lilly & Shiloh picture in a while, so there ya'll go.

And that was my birthday weekend.

I have a pretty good feeling 25 is going to be a really great year. I'm excited to spend a week in Poland with my momma and aunt soon, celebrating my birthday and making lots of amazing memories. I'm excited to finish my first year of teaching in a few more months, and see where the second half of the year takes us!

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  1. Happy 25th birthday Katie! What a sweet hubby you have, that cake looks delicious and your flowers are beautiful. As I've gotten older I've kept birthdays low key as well. The simpler the better!


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