happy birthday, shiloh!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Shiloh Anne. Our monster mash. Our little boogs. She is a hot mess, and life would be boring without her!

She loves to sniff everything. She loves to chew on bones, when Lilly lets her. Shiloh loves to sleep on our pillows and have her paws held. She loves making nests and sleeping on top of throw pillows on the couch. She tucks her butt when she runs, and moans when she's happy, bugged, and tired ((so pretty much all the time)). She does not have fun at the dog park, but loves a good run through the snow with her daddy. She wrestles with Lilly by shoving her butt at sister, which is as hilariously awkward as it sounds. 

Happy 3rd birthday to our Shiloh!

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  1. I could just reach in these photographs and squeeze her little face! Ugh, she is too cute for words. Happy birthday cutey pie Shiloh!


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