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Friday, March 7, 2014

We're wrapping up Nevada reading week. Our school's theme was Reading is a Window to the World and each grade level was assigned a continent. First grade got Antarctica. Have you ever tried to plan a week's worth of activities around Antarctica?! If so, holler, because this was hard!

Tuesday was dress like your favorite fictional character, and mine was Belle ((before the yellow dress, as my firsties clarified for everyone all. day. long.)). We also had to have our "doors" up for the door decorating contest. Since my classroom is outside, I put my "door" up in the cafeteria. Each of the 8 first grade teachers took an animal from Antarctica so there was a unity to our doors, and we had a mural effect going on. Mine was the Antarctic fur seal, which I free handed ((go unartistic me!)) and my kids wrote and drew different parts of its habitat. Clyde the seal is going up in my room after this week. I love him. He is precious.

This is Melyssa. She's the other first year, first grade teacher with me. Her husband is also Navy. They have quite the military sob story, that I'll have to have her share sometime. She and I decided on Tuesday to be Disney princesses and take a "princess picture". I was Belle and she was Snow White. Her kids told her she wasn't really Snow White because she didn't have puffy sleeves. She told them we don't live in the 1980s anymore. She wins.

One of my favorite moments of the week was on Thursday when we had a guest author come to our school. She wrote children's books about her time with her dog sled teams in the Arctic circle and was a captivating story teller. She was finishing a story about how one of her smallest dogs almost died and how the rest of her team saved her life. The teachers were choked up, and I look over and one of my little guys is wiping tears away from his eyes. He was trying to keep the other kids from noticing ((they didn't know)) but I almost lost it seeing that sweet little guy getting emotionally invested in her story, too! Be still my heart. I love my firsties.

Really though, this week was utter craziness. While I cannot wait to go back to uniforms on Monday, it had its good moments that made up for the nuttiness inside of my classroom. The busyness of it took my mind off of how stressed I need to be over my report card comments that are due on Monday, but are no where near there... My kids had a good time, and praise the Lord that Scholastic bookflix has the book Antarctic Antics in a sing-along version! Picture 19 seven year olds belting, "ANT-ARC-TICA! ANT-ARC-TICA!" It was precious.

But thank goodness, it's Friday.

Now onto those report card comments while I cuddle up in a quilt by the wood burning stove with the boogs. If I'm going to write them all weekend, I might as well have a view.

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