diy hydrangea wreath

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy first day of spring!! It's been in the 70-80s here for a few weeks now, but the official start to spring is still worth celebrating. So let's celebrate it right with a great spring-y diy wreath. And who doesn't love hydrangeas?!

My inspiration for this wreath came from here.

The materials were simple: 4 bouquets of white hydrangeas from Michael's and a grapevine wreath. I would even recommend getting 5 bouquets for a fuller effect around the sides.

Simply cut off each flower using wire cutters, leaving about 3-5 inches of stem so that you can pull them through the back of the wreath. I bunched mine together closely so that it had a really full effect. I worked them through the top and interior, but an extra bouquet would have added more fullness to the outside. You can always fluff them, as I later realized, which did help!

Then, hot glue each of the stems in place through the back of the wreath. When the glue has dried, cut off the remaining stem. I also tied a piece of ribbon through a couple of the larger branches at this time so that I could hang it from a hook.

I chose to hang ours on the dining room mirror since we still had a hook there from Christmas ((oops)) and this way, it won't get nasty from the dust and extreme afternoon heat our front door gets.

Also, can you tell I have two too many wreaths in our dining room from that last picture? Hello cute anthro knock off wreath! And... I really don't care. I like them both. Maybe this cutie will take the place of our Christmasy anthro wreath... But then again, maybe not. You cannot have too many wreaths!

Total, this cost me about $25 since I got the wreaths for 40% off and have a teacher discount from Michael's. Pretty good, if you ask me!

Does anyone else have any plans to welcome in spring? Any east coast and midwest readers getting slammed with more cold weather? We have a spare bedroom, and the bed is made! I'm just tossing that offer out there...


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  2. Hey Katie! I nominated you on the Sunshine award! You can check it out on my blog. Thanks!



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