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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I go to work, and go straight home. I'm a home body, and want nothing more than to kick my pants off after a long day at work and snuggle Lilly & Shiloh. I used to really enjoy checking out some local thrift stores every now and then, but haven't gone in months. While running errands after school on Friday, I decided to pop into one that was next door. I was looking specifically for quilts or knitted/crotched blankets. Because really, those are the best thrifted finds.

I looked through a couple of aisles of hanging blankets with no luck. Honest to goodness, I rounded a corner and this lovely cream and turquoise knitted blanket was the first and only thing I saw. And to the tune of $8?! Be still my heart. Everything about it was perfect.

It has two lovely scalloped edges while the other two are straight. The blanket is in great condition and soft as can be! It's folded in half for the pictures, and would look sweet at the foot of a twin sized bed.

One of my first thoughts was how perfectly it matches with a quilted Hawaiian snowflake throw pillow we already had. After washing the blanket, I put them together and just about melted. They are a perfect match. I told Austen that when we have a little girl someday, this is our jumping off point for a nursery. I'm that in love with this pair right now.

In Vegas, it's hard to find really great thrifting scores like this. I blame it on the gaming industry. No, really though! Hear me out. Las Vegas doesn't have much of a culture because of the gaming industry, and so there really is not a lot of little treasures to be found in thrift or consignment stores like there is when I go back to St. Louis or Texas. This precious knitted blanket makes the top 5 best thrifted/craigslist finds of ours from Vegas.

I love seeing good thrifted finds. Has anyone had some good ones lately? I feel like once I see good stuff in thrift stores again, spring is around the corner. Maybe because the weather finally feels good enough to crack open some paint and get messy, and thrifted items are the best for those projects.

Thank goodness for spring. And for sweet thrifted finds.

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  1. I haven't had time to enjoy a little thrifting lately but the last good find I had was a beautiful antique casserole dish and cookbook for only $20.
    That blanket is in such good condition! If you had only posted pictures, I would have thought it was from target bran spankin new!


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