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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

After quite a deep ((and raw)) post about our fears yesterday, here's a light hearted little post!

I love hearing how people came up with their blog name! I am so excited to read the different stories behind blogs today on Bailey's link up. If you're visiting from there, welcome! I hope you love my little corner of the blog world, and follow along to get updates on all the little goodness.

If you've been around a while, you might remember when it was "dogtags & diamonds". It was that way for a while, and one of my best friend's moms even made me a little sign with that on it. It's in our spare bedroom, where guests love our little nod to our military lifestyle.

I needed a change though, and wanted something personal.

I am Austen's sweet pea. Or, if he's feeling very affectionate, "sweet pea pea". And then, he giggles. This earned him a nickname to rhyme, which is completely stupid but our joke now. He has also forbidden me to tell what it is, as I'm also not allowed to call him it around anybody else. So, sorry.

That's how sweet pea's came around.

Pretty simple but sweet.

Does anyone else have a cute backstory to their blog name, even if you aren't linking up? I seriously love to hear them. I think they're precious, and so so creative!


  1. I love learning about how bloggers came up with their blog title, and yours is no exception! I'm also participating in this challenge - such a great way to write every day!


  2. "Sweet P's" is so darling! One of the sweetest ;) nicknames! I'm a day behind on the link up so I'll be sharing mine in a couple days! xo Emma Grace


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