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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13: a favorite quote

"She's as bright as the Dallas sky - She always holds her head up high - She loves the company of family - She has faith in God's greater plan - She trusts I'm a good man - And that's why I'll always believe - She's like Texas - And she likes me."

It's not the most conventional love song, but it's ours.

Flash back to summer of 2012, ya'll! He's such a goofy one. But I love this because it's just so him.

Over on the Pegues Family Adoption Auction page on Facebook ((go check it out and bid on great stuff! my eyes are on a few items, and I've already bid on one too)), Hello Maypole donated a custom artwork. I've been bidding ((don't outbid me, ya'll)) and think I'd like to have the lyrics to our song written and framed. I once saw a tutorial to frame the musical notes to your wedding song, and fell in love, but cannot find the lyrical notes to She's Like Texas.

I figured this would be a solid replacement.

And that's the words that are on my heart and mind today. Yesterday was rough for me. I had to be held lots last night by the hubs. I always appreciate him, but especially more so last night and today.

"She's like Texas - And she likes loves me."

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