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Sunday, February 2, 2014

We might not have babies of our own, but Austen & I have a heart for adoption. We would love to adopt kids someday, hopefully older ones, as our own children are growing up. There are so many blessings in this, and even when we were dating had agreed that adoption was on both of our hearts.

We have sweet friends from Texas, who are a Marine Corps family (so we get to see them when we make weekend trips to Southern California and get some "Texas" time in with them), who are adopting two kiddos from Ukraine. They were able to open up their home to 10 year old Max over Christmas for a few weeks, and on the day he left, decided to pursue adoption of him and his 5 year old sister, Dasha.

Bobby & Lucy have an amazing family. They have two biological children of their own, 4 year old Kazleigh and 1 year old Liam. They have such big hearts and I know will be perfect parents to Max and Dasha as well.

There are a few ways ya'll can help, and one requires nothing more than a "like" on Facebook. They have set up the Pegues Family Adoption Auction page on Facebook, and when their page reaches 1,000 "likes", they'll be raffling off an iPad air. If you can give nothing financially, please at least "like" their page so that this auction ((which will hopefully be a huge financial success for them!)) will be able to happen sooner.

Speaking of their auction, you can bid on items through Facebook. People have donated items to them of all kinds ((I'm donating hand knit baby booties)), and they'll start their online auction on February 10th. All funds are going towards their adoption needs. Some of the featured shops in this auction ((and items)) include:

hand knit baby booties ((by me))
hand made baby quilt ((by me))
giftcards & free resort nights

Another way is through buying Scentsy through one of my girlfriends. All of her commission for the month of February is being donated to the Pegues' family adoption funds. Just make sure to click to shop under Pegues Family Scentsy Party.

The final way is to give financially through a donation. They have a page all set up for this, which you can give at. This helps them to get their initial home check funded, as well as all the costs that go into adoption 2 kids from overseas.

Lucy has also set up a blog where you can keep up with everything happening in their adoption process. She blogged throughout the weeks that Max spent with them, and has continued to as they realize their two oldest kids are in Ukraine, and their efforts to bring them home.

Please, pray about ways you can help, and just keep their sweet family in your prayers!


Walk by Faith ((Lucy's blog))

We would love your help in getting their funds raised to bring sweet Max & Dasha home! 

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  1. You have a beautiful family! It brings me so much joy reading your blog. God bless you guys!

  2. We have two bio kids and are also fostering two right now. I wish your friends luck!

    XO/Kelly @ Our Cone Zone


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