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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 18: describe your style

Let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we? That way you get a full effect of where we came from in terms of decorating, and where we are now. Please, laugh at with me because this gets painfully honest at times of how much I used to suck at decorating. So without further ado...

When it came to decorating, I didn't really know what I wanted our home on the Air Force base to feel like at first. I was copy-catting everything I saw online ((these were before the days of pinterest, so I didn't have a grasp at what continually stuck out to me)), and then going to the thrift store since we were broke as a joke, spray painting it, and calling it "rustic". It was as hot a mess as it sounds. Get ready for your eyes to burn ((I'm only being a little bit dramatic...)).

While not terribly awful, this is not at all our style. I was trying. I also obviously needed to take a class in  how to arrange shelves.

Slowly, things came down, got thrown away, and we cleaned out our space. Things with meaning began to go up. Or things we just straight up liked. Our cookie-cutter-base-housing-house slowly ((at times, painfully slowly)) became our home.

Gone was the shabby chic. Out went the spray painted crap. We painted two accent walls, and repainted them to colors that were more our style. I changed out our 1980s plastic pendant to a more modern light fixture in our dining room.

Our style has lots of dark furniture and comfort colors: reds, yellows, and greens. It's very country ((ya'll, we are from Texas!)) and cozy. There are little whimsical pieces to lighten the feeling of it, like a string of felt balls on our antique piano, fun paper straws, or accent gold bookends.

There has been more grey making an appearance lately, too. Our master bath is grey and green. There are grey accents in our dining room and guest bathroom. I love them, it's just a matter of mixing them well with our other colors right now.

We like to think of how we'd decorate if we could paint all of our walls or change our flooring. I don't think we'd have accent walls ((we do just because we need some sort of color in our sea of white!)), but a really light tan, almost white walls. Dark wood flooring throughout the house, with big light colored rugs. We might even have some grey walls ((shock and awe!)). I picture it being much more neutral and light feeling than it currently is, that the dark furniture would balance out from the warm neutrals instead of standing out against white.

This past summer, one of my best friends went through a divorce. She had to stay in Vegas a few weeks after it was all finalized, and was often staying with us. She came over at one point and said, "I just need to be with you, because your house feels like a home." Her longing to feel safe and at home was found in our house, and for the first time, I really realized we had created a home here. A few months later, another girlfriend was going through rough times after moving back home, and she wrote on one of my instagram pictures how much she missed our oversized sectional and cozy space, our dogs, and our conversations. I realized that our house felt like a home to her as well. Friends have come over and said to their husbands, "See?! Their house feels homey!"

All of that to say, what was once a place I grimaced at ((dude, our floors...I still grimace at them)) is now a place we seek refuge at. That moment of going from our safe place, to a place that is safe for others is when I realized we had done it: we had made a home.

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  1. Isn't it funny how it takes a while of living in a space to learn how we want it to look and feel? I just moved into my own place six months ago and it probably took two or three months before I felt "at home" in my own space. Thanks for sharing your cute home!

  2. I agree, it looks very homey! My problem is I can't decide what I want. I generally know what my style is but I can't ever nail down a color scheme! I love all the colors! We are slowly changing things out but it's still a hodge podge of hand me downs, thrift store finds, and of course Goodwill decor! Some of it I love, some of it is just "in the mean time" stuff! The best compliment you can get is someone saying your house is homey!


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