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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 9: a day in the life

While my weekends are when I feel more like myself than I do some week nights ((three words: burnt out ya'll)), I figured I'd share what my week days look like, since those are consistent and have a lot less lounging involved. So, here's a peek at a day in my life:

5:00am: My alarm clock goes off about 4 times before I actually get up. Lilly knows the sound of my alarm clock and what it means, and starts to get antsy for breakfast. I get up and feed the dogs as our "grown up" coffee pot is grinding my coffee beans and brewing me a cup of joe. I usually meander back to our bed and cuddle Austen and the boogs for another 10-15 minutes before I start getting a move on with my morning.

Confession: There are fingerprints on our coffee maker, and this bugs me to no end! We just got some stainless steel appliances and I am learning how to handle cleaning the fingerprints constantly. Please, ignore those fingerprints and forgive my OCD. Thanks ya'll.

Hair and makeup combined take me about 45 minutes in the morning, but for my long and thick hair, that's pretty dang good! I have a general idea the night before of what I'm going to wear. My favorite go-to's include J. Crew Factory skimmer pants ((in black and pink, because who doesn't love a first grade teacher with curly blonde hair and pink pants?!)), Target scoop neck tees, and chambray with chunky scarves. I like to keep it simple, and it keeps my mornings from being overwhelming.

Oh geez, and now it's time for work...

7:00am: I show up for work about 10-15 minutes before my mandated work time starts. I like time to get my computers turned on, run down my day and make sure I have everything copied before any meetings or an, "Are you ready for today?" gossip session with fellow teachers ;)

8:00-2:11pm: My work day with my kiddos. They are precious, but I won't give you a play by play of my day with them. Let's just say that midday lunch and last period prep are my two favorite times of the day! I love them, but would be lying if I said I didn't love when that bells rings at 2:11pm.

Depending on the day of the week, I head home anywhere as late as 7:45pm or as early as 2:30pm. It totally depends what my evening has in store. Days when I can leave soon after work are my personal favorites!

3:00pm: After heading home, I enjoy walking to our mailbox at the end of the cul-de-sac ((no for real, I actually look forward to checking the mailbox everyday)), feeding Lilly & Shiloh again, and just vegging for a little bit. I try to pick up the house a little bit before Austen gets home from work and if I'm cooking dinner, I get started on that.

4:00pm: When Austen gets home, we might run to get groceries together or do absolutely nothing and hangout on the couch all evening long. He usually takes the boogs on a walk around the base so they're nice a tired for the evening, and it gives me time to get some housework done, or just enjoy the silence for a little bit. He's working on his bachelors right now, so he has homework that he might be doing while I'm playing on pinterest doing something worthwhile. I blog at night, might read a little, or work on a quilt. Snuggling with Lilly & Shiloh is always happening, no matter what else we might be doing.

8:30pm: Bedtime. But for real. I feel like we go to bed insanely early, but we both are awake long before the sun comes up, so it's pretty necessary.

And...that's my weekdays. Really, they're not that interesting. I wish I could say I felt like some Super Woman, but I don't. I'm able to do my responsibilities and duties within my day with excellence, but I don't have the energy for much more during the week.

It's on my weekends that I feel more myself and passionate about whatever I'm doing. I finish projects, I start new projects ((and sometimes even finish those, too)), try new recipes and bake just because. Our house is suddenly cleaner and we all snuggle more. We ski, sit by the fire, and drink way too much hot chocolate.

Someday, I'll get to the point where my weekdays are as fulfilling as my weekends. I'm slowly getting there as I put my priorities in order, and surprisingly, they aren't in the order I'd expected them to be in. More on that tomorrow, though ;)

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