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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm much more of a hair person than I am makeup, but I have been in the habit this year of being sure I have my makeup fully done before I go to work or events. I have very sensitive skin and these are what I have found work for me ((and have heard the same for others with sensitive skin)). 

I buy everything at our BX on base, but also love heading to Sephora in Texas. It's right by my sisters' house, and I'd rather drive 18 hours to go instead of 20 minutes to go to the one on The Strip. Just sayin'...

face: bareMinerals pressed powder, smashbox bb cream, and Sephora blush

lips: Dr. Lipp balm

primer: bareMinerals prime time

eyes: bareMinerals and Sephora eye shadow, Maybelinne falsies mascara, Maybelinne stiletto liquid eye liner

I'm a total fan of the monthly Birch Box. That's how I found out about Dr. Lipp balm and the little trial sized mascara. It's completely worth the $10 each month and ridiculously exciting to get "fun mail" every now and then. 

Overall, I like to keep it simple and natural. Here's a little selfie of my regular hair and makeup:

I could literally write an entire blog post about my hair routine, too. It's simple but I love it. 

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  1. now I'm curious, what is your hair routine? It looks so pretty!

    1. Super simple! I put either a leave in conditioner or chi heat guard in after a shower at night, and then use a NuMe wand to curl it. I'll do a full post sometime, but Cara Loren ((check out her blog!)) has great tutorials.



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