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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 19: little known facts about you

I did something similar before for a teacher link up, right before school started. So if you've seen these before, I apologize. I'm not indescribably interesting, but I tried to find some new ((and really random)) things about me for this.

- Austen & I knew each other for 15 months before we got engaged, and 5 days later we got married.Three and a half years of marriage later, we must've done something right! For real though, the night we met, we stayed up all night talking, and we both said, "I feel like I've known you for forever..." and at that point, I just knew he could be the one for me. Almost six years later, I still feel like I've known and loved him my whole life.

- I'm just under 1/2 Polish. I bake really yummy houska bread. I collect beautiful Polish pottery. I'm trying to learn to speak and read Polish. It's very difficult, but I'm learning. I'm learning for my Grandma Rose, as a sort of heritage to her first language, and for our babies, so that they are even tighter with their Polish roots than I am. So that they'll be bilingual and maybe we will, too.

- My eyes are two different colors. Not crazy noticeable, but people do notice from time to time. One is just a little more green than the other.

- I love hydrangeas. And lilies. And tulips.

- Quilting is so relaxing to me. I've completed 2 queen sized quilts so far, and am working on some smaller projects for the time being. I'm winding down with some hand sewing for a modern wintery quilt, and would love to quit my day job and quilt all the live long day! I wish I could get paid big bucks ((and health insurance)) to do that!

- I just had to pick out a dress for an upcoming wedding. I tried 1 dress from my closet on, and we have a winner! That might have been the quickest I've ever picked out an outfit for an event for, even for all womankind history. My secret? I asked the hubs which suit he was wearing first. It's also his friend's wedding, so it's simply about making him look good as I stand next to him and look pretty ;) ((sorry, I just had to toss that in there!))

- I like Bucky the deer. I decided to embrace his deer-ness, and toss in some deer silhouette throw pillows around the house too. If figured, if you can't fight 'em, join 'em. So, I'm on the Bucky bandwagon!

- I'm weird about scents. Things always have to smell good. I have to smell good, our house has to smell good, our closet has to smell good... Are ya'll catching my pattern? Everything. I have scentsy turned on 24/7 in both our house and in my classroom, and also use glade plugins and scent-sprayers ((I don't know what they're called, but the husband says it tries to squirt him when he walks past, because he thinks that it thinks he stinks)). I love B&BW three wick candles, some Our Own Candle Company candles when I can find them ((exclusively in snickerdoodle, though)), and glade candles in our bathrooms. Oh, and the hubs only request in all of this? That it smells homey or woodsy, not flowery or fruity.

- If I could only ever listen to 1 musical artist ever again, it would have to be Tony Bennett. I love his voice. He also looks incredibly similar to my late step-grandpa, also named Tony. And Grandpa Tony loved listening to Tony Bennett.

So, there ya'll have it. I'm a scent-freak, Bucky-bandwagon-loving, crazy-eyed, hydrangea-lily-tulip-loving, Tony-listening wife to Austen.

Thanks for still hanging around.

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  1. i will comment in more detail later because my break is almost over....but i loved this post! how is that i feel like i've known you forever!? anyway, have a blessed day!

  2. Those are all my favorite flowers! Sadly the hydrangeas I planted at our new house were frost bitten but our lilies and tulips should be making their appearance soon! Maybe I'll try planting more! I have my smelly things on ALL the time. First thing I do when I wake up and last thing I do before I go to bed! It's amazing how it changes the atmosphere. And I love Tony Bennett - The Frank Sinatra station on Pandora is my FAVE!


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