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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 15: a big dream

There are so many dreams that Austen & I have together, and I feel that his dreams are my dreams. But isn't that what marriage is about? Two becoming one, your dreams and his dreams melding together into one new, beautiful dream?

One of the things we are planning for is his enlistment ending with the Air Force, and him going to law school. If you haven't met my husband, oh lord. This man is the best, but pretty much everyone who knows him laughs about how great of a lawyer he'd make. He's very articulate, he puts his mind to something and doesn't sway from it, and can argue his mind well.

Our dream is for him to go to law school while I support him and our family. He wants to be able to open up his own law firm, allowing me the chance to be a stay at home momma or a different career.

We would love to have land, whether it's in Texas or somewhere with 4 real seasons ((I love autumn, ya'll)). I picture a good, old fashioned ranch: a white farmhouse with a big wrap around porch, horses running nearby, chickens wandering the yards, a laundry line with big quilts blowing in the wind. Lots of babies running around and playing. The smell of Austen's slow smoked brisket and ribs, and the taste of cobblers and sweet tea.

I love my husband for wanting to let me stay at home with our babies, once we are in a good spot financially to do so. I love that he jokes about, "I'll be a lawyer so you can be a stay at home momma with babies and horses," because he knows my heart. ((also, thanks budweiser super bowl commercial for convincing my husband how great a clydesdale would be!))

There are lots of dreams we have, and they change often. That's the beautiful thing about dreams, they're open and subject to change. I've always been a dreamer, but it is so much more fun and rewarding to dream with my best friend and love.

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  1. those dreams are so similar to mine! i would give anything for a beautiful home in a place that has real seasons. we live in southern california where there is hot, kinda hot, not so hot and really hot!

    1. We're in Las Vegas, and we go to SoCal in the summers to try and escape the miserable weather we have. We have friends in Oceanside, and that cool ocean breeze is heavenly! Everything up until you hit the beach is pretty hot, though. I miss having 4 real seasons!


  2. Georgia has four pretty nice seasons ;) Oh, and your description of your dream life sounds pretty great! We would love to have a little farm one day! Chris has cows and chickens and turkeys back home and misses them so badly! I just want a goat.


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