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Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 17: five favorites

I love posting about favorite things, because it's so fun to see what other people are loving! Getting ideas for our home, beauty products, or just fun stuff is always welcomed in my little world.

1. Lindsay Letters prints - We have some LL prints in our house, like the Southern Wedding vows and Heritage, Psalm 127, and most recently added the Shauna Niequist mini table print. Ideally, it would be in our dining room, but for now, it looks good in our hallway ((right next to our dining room)) paired with a feathers print in remembrance of the 6 teachers and staff who gave their lives at Sandy Hook, and a Texas state print from 1canoe2 letterpress.

2. red tulips - My momma's favorite flower are tulips, so much so that our kitchen was wallpapered with tulips in the 1990s. My aunt's neighbor has tulips planted along their shared fence, and allows my aunt to pick some tulips each spring. It's not uncommon to see a tulip or two on her kitchen windowsill during their blooming season. So when I found red tulips at Lowes, it made sense to plant them for our dining room table centerpiece. They're like a comfort flower, and a lovely hint of spring. Of course, they bloomed just in time for Valentine's Day!

3. Target accent pillows - I made a Target run for some stuff for the Utah condo. Of course, I ended up getting stuff we didn't actually need ((like a UNLV shirt for me and baby onesies to match...)). However, I'm convinced these accent pillows were well worth it! They'll have a home up at the condo for now, but would also fit well in our master bedroom.

4. Thomas O'Brien rugs from Target - I don't know about ya'll, but we're harsh on our bathroom rugs. Living in the desert where it's dusty and dry, I feel like everything wears down faster. We used to wash our rugs every couple of months, but the backs on them would fray off and leave a mess in the washer that left me cursing at them. I wanted to find rugs without a clingy back, and finally did at Target. The best part? After a toss in the dryer, they fluff back up again and feel brand spankin' new! I got a pair for our guest bathroom ((as we're taking the old bath rugs up to Utah)) and absolutely love it. The only downside is this style of no clingy backs only come in squares, but they're so fluffy and soft, it's worth it.

Yes, I just posted a pic of our bathroom. Yes, it's teeny tiny. Yes, the 1980s tile is in our bathroom too, and yes it bugs me.

5. a modern wintery quilt - I'm working on this quilt with mini charm packs, and absolutely love it. The patterns make an X and are complimented with white squares. It's modern, it's adorable, and it's not an oversized queen size quilt! Whoo hoo! My hands ((and sewing machine)) are happy. I'm hoping to finish the top piece soon, but am in no hurry to quilt it yet. It'll be perfect as a throw across our couch in Utah during those cold winter nights.

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  1. how sweet that the love of tulips runs in your family. i love how something as simple as a certain flower can bring comfort and memories of childhood/home.

    and i love those target pillows! my sofa pillows are thrashed and love to pick some up. was this a recent purchase? maybe they still have a good selection.

    i also want to check out the rugs you are talking about...ours is white. i have no idea why i picked gets gross so fast and after you wash it, it's not as soft anymore. (womp womp)

  2. 'tis the season for tulips! Can't wait for spring to come upon us.

  3. Stopping by for the link up! I have been loving tulips this year too! They are always pretty, but this year I can't wait for them to bloom in my yard. :)


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