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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fill your home with things you love. 

Our home in Texas was a cozy, tiny old farmhouse. It was one of the four oldest houses on the street, as the parents property was across the street and they built 3 homes across from them for their children, and ours was the middle one. It was oozing with character, and we loved it.

This was taken while my parents were still renovating the exterior. 
Now that they live in it, the porch looks all finished and pretty!

Moving to Vegas, I tried to fill our home with anything in hopes of distracting myself from the white walls and white linoleum tiles that haven't been replaced since 1980. Surprise, surprise, our house didn't feel like a home. It felt like crap from thrift stores with spray paint ((because it was)) and things neither of us loved.

So I started taking down, giving away, and even throwing away. Some things were replaced, and some weren't. We slowly ((and at times it was a painful sort of slow)) started to find our style.

Along the way came Bucky the deer, an antique player piano, Polish pottery, and pictures with actual meaning to us.

What I've learned is that this isn't a bachelorette pad. This isn't my home that Austen comes over to. It's our home, and needs to reflect our relationship and marriage. It has compromises and things we both love. For instance, he doesn't like the felt ball strand on the piano, just as much as I don't like having a gun safe in our master bedroom. Compromise, ya'll. Give and take. Pick your battles. ((and then hang some more felt balls somewhere))

We lean towards safe colors, and neutrals. Browns, reds, yellows, and some greens. Sometimes blacks and greys. If I had it my way, we'd have super light, nearly white tans with some grey and whites, and dark hardwood floors. Guess what? We don't, and I'm okay with it for our season of life. We have taken as cookie cutter of a home as they come, with probably the strictest landlords there are, and made it into a colorful and cozy home.

Yes, I still hate our floors. I always will and nobody can convince me otherwise. Try to clean these suckers and you'll see why everyone Air Force wife on this base curses them daily.

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