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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm about half way done with the quilting of my Utah Charm quilt, and am so excited to give the big post about how I did this one! I want to wait until I'm completely done to show the process I went through with this quilt, but am too excited to wait.

While I was able to get a bit of quilting done yesterday ((thanks MLK for that long weekend!)), here's a few sneaks of what I'm working on for my second quilt:

Randomly through this project, I needed to use up some bobbin thread before quilting another row and having to replace it half way through, so I decided to try a little bit of a new quilt top. I am absolutely loving it! It's all wintery blocks and so so precious. My goal is to get the quilt top finished this summer and then I can quilt it this upcoming winter. It'll also be more of a lap quilt size, not queen.

So there ya'll have it. Some new projects I've been working on. My goal is to completely finish my Utah Charm quilt this week so we can bring it up to Utah this weekend. I'm ready to be done with it on our dining room table and curl up under it instead.

Does anyone else have any projects they've been working on? I'm feeling under the weather and some big, cozy quilts are all I really want right now ((not heels and curls... just tissues and tea)).

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