the retention games

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I don't want to say too much because I really don't know much about it, but the Air Force is starting their retention program soon. It essentially means they'll be looking at which Airmen they retain and keep in the Air Force next year, and which they'll be getting rid of.

Oh, and it's gone Hunger Games style...

Austen's name is in the pot for this. He's career thus far will be looked at in early summer, and then we'll find out if he's staying in or getting out of the military. If they choose not to keep him, we'll be making arrangements to move back home to Texas within the next couple of months of being notified.

I'm on the fence about all of it. It's no secret that we miss Texas and living near our families. It would be nice to be back with them again, and we definitely want to head back South in the next few years regardless. However, we do have a sweet set up here that we've been planning on having for the next 2 1/2 years.

Ultimately, it's in God's hands. We have no say or control over it one way or the other. Whatever happens was obviously supposed to happen.

Well, ya'll. That's life with the military.


  1. Wow and I thought it was just in the Army, hubs is the same way too. Best of luck <3

    1. I've heard it's been around in the Army and Navy for longer than the Air Force, but this is our first year with it and with so many being kicked out in one foul swoop. We'll see what happens! Best of luck to ya'll, too!


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