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Monday, January 6, 2014

This morning was the first day back at school since winter break. To be honest, I had about 0 desire to go back to work. I burnt myself out last semester and just didn't feel ready to go back to the grinding board. On the plus side, Austen is back on day shift so I actually get to see my husband during the week this year! Oh, the little joys.

The military owns my husband, obviously. I have no say in where we live, for how long, or what his work looks like. At first, this was adventurous and exciting to me, then overwhelmingly frustrating, and now it's just normal. He comes home, says he's on a new shift as of Monday, and we roll with it. Since summer time, our schedules didn't meet up during the week. We slept next to each other, but sometimes went days without talking.

I'd wake up at 5:15am and get ready for work, wake him up just enough to kiss him good morning and good bye. He would leave for work around 2:45pm, and I would get home anywhere between 3:30pm-8:00pm, depending on the day. Austen came home around midnight, and would climb in bed next to me. Repeat for the next four more days...

We learned to cherish weekends. That was our time together, and I'm thankful for the friends who wanted to hangout with us but respected it. It became two days of him & I. Reconnecting, talking, laughing, and sometimes just sitting by each other in silence. It was about us, and I am so grateful that he was bold enough to ask people to respect that. For the sake of our marriage ((& lots of other reasons)), I love him for that.

Today, I am thankful that while I curled my hair, he packed my lunch. He told me I looked very cute this morning before work, and it wasn't behind half asleep eyelids as he rolled back over in bed. I'm thankful to cuddle him, and Lilly & Shiloh on the couch, not feeling rushed on time together.

I know I am immensely lucky that my husband is not deployable, nor have we gone through one. I am so lucky to have him home with me, whether I see him or not. I have friends who have it much worse off than we do.

It's just always nice when our normal feels a little like everyone elses normal, too.

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