#29 - redesign my blog so that it better reflects me

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Number 29 on my 30 before 30 list says, "Redesign my blog so that it better reflects me." Coming from a very computer illiterate girl, I was hell bent and convinced this would mean I'd have to pay someone to do a blog overhaul for me. I was actually in the works of it, emailing back and forth with Victoria from Happily Ever Strader ((if you need a blog makeover, seriously, check her out!)) and coming up with a vision for my blog.

Then I got news I'd be going to Europe this spring. WHOO HOO!!! Except, now we needed to buy a DSLR camera sooner than we had originally anticipated ((we'd been planning on this expense, but had not thought we might need it sooner rather than later)). There were other expenses that began popping up, as life does, and blog makeover money was needed for other areas.

I still wasn't happy with my blog, to the point I was barely blogging and didn't feel serious about it at all. It was noted too, as my views and comments were pretty much in the slumps. So I began researching, finding tutorials and looking up how to redesign a blog. Austen told me it's all about HTML coding. In English, honey?

I found some great tutorials for each area I wanted to really focus in on for the revamp: header ((here)) and navibar ((here, and here)). Once I got those down, I was able to figure the rest out on my own! ((and here's a link for a great blog button tutorial))

Being able to design my own blog was really thrilling for me. I got what I was looking for, and put the hard work in myself to be able to do so. I also now know what to do, so when I want to change it up, I can. I had an image of what I wanted it to look like, and we're getting there. It was so rewarding though, to put the effort in after school hours and come up with something I'm proud of!


  1. YAY loveeee it :)

    WAIT europe?? Did I miss something??

  2. Yes!! I'll have to facebook you about it. I am ridiculously excited. :)


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