fur baby scare

Thursday, December 19, 2013

There is no feeling like the pit in your stomach when you see your dogs licking a dark chocolate wrapper, and one that is empty and chewed up at that.

This was my night last night. After getting some fantastic news, I was on cloud nine. I saw Lilly sniffing chocolate bars on the dining room table and shooed her away. I turned around to see Shiloh licking a dark chocolate wrapper and my stomach dropped. Gone. The whole thing was gone. I called a local 24 hour animal hospital and they said to bring them both in immediately. We left instantly.

Fifteen minutes later ((I might have sped through a few yellow lights...)), we walked in. We had never been here before since we always get their shots done at the vet office on base. Some paperwork and frantic texting to Austen and a coworker of mine, and I was alone in the room just waiting. I can only imagine how I'll be with our human babies someday, because I was a shaking mess with our fur babies! Heck, I couldn't even get their birth years right. Lilly is 5, they thought she was 10 ((whoops, Katie)).

The vet came back and told me Shiloh had vomited, and there was no chocolate in her. We were all relieved because she's a tiny beagle, weighing in around 15-18 lbs so she has low toxicity tolerance levels. It was a waiting game on Lilly to give it up.

Just over an hour after she ate the dark chocolate, and 3 attempts to get her to vomit, Lilly finally did (lovely, I know). We decided to give her charcoal in her belly to absorb any last remaining toxins, and keep her overnight on a fluid I.V. to flush everything out of her system. They were reassuring when I left that she would be just fine, as they're a 24 hour clinic and would have someone there watching our sweet puggle all night.

Shiloh and I headed home, and sweet girl would not leave my lap. She just laid there, probably upset from this lovely evening experience. She came home and wasn't quite sure what to do without her sister, so she just crashed on the feather pillows on our couch (her favorite spot). All I could think about was my Lilly Mae, and hoped she went to bed quickly and rested most of the morning before we could pick her up.

UGH. What an evening. I swear, my heartstrings were so torn because a part of me wanted to stay at that vet clinic all. night. long. with Lilly Mae, but I knew I couldn't. I realized after coming home that Lilly & Shiloh have never been apart in the 2+ years that we've had Shiloh. It was the saddest thing seeing Shiloh so lost without her big sister. And sleeping in bed without Lilly is the worst. Austen even went up to the vet office in the middle of the night to take her a blanket. He told me on the next day that all he could think about was what if that was her last night, and she was sleeping on a hard plastic kennel? ((insert bawling face here))

7:00am, the vet office opened. 7:04am, I was calling them. They said she looked good and the vet would call me when he came in. Around 10:20am I got a call from him saying she was out of the woods and looking good. Austen picked her up in the afternoon, got the boogs' nails clipped and then spoiled them with 2 new babies and new bones, along with some new food bowls. I swear, they have him wrapped around their little paws.

Lilly has since enjoyed ripping apart both babies, chewing the bones and leaving them all over the house, and sleeping by the fire. What a love bug. I am so so glad to have her curled up by the fire, right where she belongs.

We love you, Lilly Mae!! xoxo

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