a wintery burlap wreath

Monday, December 9, 2013

The best inspiration comes late at night. I'm talking like 12:30am at night in the morning.

My momma texted me last week asking for Austen & I to take some Christmas card pictures in front of our door. My sisters moved into their house this summer and my parents downsized into the house I lived in before we moved to Nellis. Their Christmas card this year is going to be of all 6 of us in front of our different doors, saying, "From our house to yours." Precious, right? Austen (my picture-taking-hating-husband) even agreed. Say what?!

His idea was even better. Instead of taking our picture in front of our beige-ish door in Vegas, let's take it in front of our brown and green door covered in snow in Utah. Heck yes. Of course, that door needed a wreath...

Cue my early morning inspiration::

I picked up 2 plain wreaths at Micheal's last year when they were on sale for maybe a couple of bucks. I wanted to hang them from our windows in front of our house, but realized we have screens on all of our windows, so we can't just stick them on. So, letting Utah house one of them seemed like a fair Plan B.

This summer, when I was completely over our 117* weather, I made a grapevine wreath with a big burlap bow. I get a lot of pinterest repins on this because it's so simple and yet sweet. I decided to take a wintery spin off of it, and the burlap seemed like a nice nod to our wintery backdrop.

And even on the door in Utah, it is still so precious!

Here's a little teaser of the pictures we took for our Christmas card in front of the wreath. I officially love it. Now if only our Vegas front door didn't have a screen that smooshed all of my wreath bows, or heat that made them wilt... Only 18 more months left of that problem!

What would taking pictures be if I didn't have something cheesy and "typical Katie" in it?! Come on, ya'll, don't be surprised. ;)

Anyone else have their Christmas card pictures done? We're not doing a formal card this time but sending a picture with a little letter. I figured we'd shake it up a bit. 

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