#12 - tune and reteach myself to play piano

Monday, November 25, 2013

I mentioned here that we got our 1920s player piano tuned (we realized that it's probably more like a 1927, not a we're just calling it a '20s piano now to keep it more accurate since we never will know for sure). Last weekend, we also got the player mechanism checked out, which is also in near perfect condition. He echoed a lot of what our tuner had said, which was encouraging.

Since having the piano tuned, I've been playing it more. Austen & I love Silent Night, so I am determined to learn how to play it well before Christmas. It's not complicated, but is pretty nonetheless.

Fun side story for ya'll - my 8th grade year, my family and I took a month long trip to Europe. One of our first visits was to Austria. We actually went to the Silent Night chapel where the carol was written. It's such a small chapel, maybe 3 pews on each side, that if you weren't specifically looking for it, you'd never find it. There was nobody else there besides my family. It was beautiful, and ever since has been one of my favorite Christmas carols.

It's so nice to sit down at the piano and play again. We love the piano music, whether I'm playing or we have a scroll. Speaking of, we got our first brand new scroll in the mail! We ordered It's a Wonderful Life, which is special because it's his mom's favorite Christmas movie, and one of ours too. Confession, I had never seen it all the way through before I met Austen. Our first Christmas being married, his mom went out the day after Christmas and bought it for us. We brought it back to my parents' house and had a double date with my parents watching it, as my mom hadn't ever seen it either. It's our Christmas movie of choice, now!

I feel like I can check this off of my 30 in 30 list. I will always be getting better at playing piano, but as of right now, I love the way our piano sounds and feels to play so am at peace with this one!

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