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Monday, October 7, 2013

Another weekend spent in Utah. I'm telling ya'll, I love Texas but I think I love Utah more. We spent our Saturday night filling our bellies with Austen's slow cooked pot roast stew and oreos with peanut butter. I watched part of the LDS General Conference while we knocked out some Christmas gift shopping (yay!). All while snuggled up on our leather couch with both boogs wrapped in a quilt, by the fire. Mmm. My kind of Saturday night.

Sunday, we had a typical Austen & Katie morning. We had breakfast and headed out for firewood. Austen was in his truck while I was on the four wheeler. While he cut wood, I walked around in the aspens. Then, the love of mine, found an aspen tree for me! I mentioned last winter that I found a birch tree for decorating projects. Poor little birch logs rotted. Not this year! I have projects planned and am excited to get the wood all dried up and sealed.

Overall, we had a really good day of cutting firewood and just enjoying one another. I've been working on knitting a blue infinity scarf that I'm so so close to finishing! It has been a work in progress for months now. I'm ready to be done with it. I also got the rest of the fabric I needed to start a queen sized charm pack quilt for the condo. I'm putting the red, white, & blue pinwheel quilt I'm working on right now (a post on that is coming!) on the back burner for the time being. Utah is getting cold and we need a good, thick quilt up there.

So that was our weekend! Definitely a sweet one. How was yours spent? Is anyone else besides me ready for some full blown sweater-scarf-boots-and-mittens weather?!

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  1. Beautiful shots! Glad you had a great weekend! I have never been to either state so I cannot say that I like or the other. But I have been to CA and that was beautiful :)

    visiting from the link up!


  2. So glad you're visiting from the link up, and thank you! We really love Utah, it's gorgeous year round, but especially in autumn.


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