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Thursday, October 24, 2013

When it came to buying holiday decorations, our budget always went to Christmas decorations for the past few years. I began getting little things here and there for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but never felt like our home was really decked out for them. Until this year! I realized we didn't bring in lots of autumn colors because our house already has them. A red wall in the family room, a leaf patterned rug by our couch, and splashes of green and orange in the painting above our couch. A yellow wall in the kitchen with cobalt blue accents in the Polish pottery. Our house is warm colors, and reflects the colors associated with the holidays.

I love decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving at the same time. Accents that work for both are my kind of thing! It saves us money and keeps me from rearranging decorations every 3 months in a row. I also lean towards pumpkins, leaves, and natural elements instead of creepy Halloween decor.

I came home from work one day to two pumpkins sitting on the counter. The hubs picked them up for me from walmart, just because. He knows me so well, I'd prefer pumpkins over flowers any day! Speaking of, those gold ones have been spray painted twice this year. They went from orange and green to a matte white to gold. I thought I would love the matte white, but was so wrong. I'm glad I redid them, because now I want to keep them out year round!

When I was looking for some good books to put on our coffee table, I randomly peeped under the sleeve of a book, only to find that burnt orange cover. Be still my heart, it's perfect! I love the combination of the tan, burnt orange, and green fruit colander with a little candle inside. And while the piano itself is the same-old, same-old, we put the third golden pumpkin along with a little tea light pumpkin holder from my bestie and an orange tinted mason jar (former candle that I cleaned the wax out of). Oh, and Austen put his knife right smack dab in the center of the piano. I've been told not to move it, so there it has stayed...

Oh, I also organized all of our couple-hundred scrolls onto a bookshelf. They look so much better there. Ideally, I want to find (or have Austen build...wink, wink) a cabinet a little bigger than the shelf with a glass front. Shiloh still tries to nibble on the cardboard boxes, even on the shelf. I would love to have the scrolls protected, especially until we can do some research to see if any of them are collectable or valuable. Until then, they sure are better like this than in boxes stacked in the corner!

I really need some Thanksgiving table scape ideas. We're having a couple of people over for a late lunch, and this is our first time hosting a holiday (Christmas parties not counted). I would love ideas! Any classic things that are good to have for year after year? Or favorite dishes we can put on the menu?

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