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Monday, September 2, 2013

A couple of weeks ago (ya'll, I haven't uploaded this diy in that long! sheesh!), I had some items to return to TJ Maxx, and was refunded with store credit. Since the closest one is not at all close to us, I decided to do a little shopping afterwards. I was able to get some baskets for our t.v. console, as I'd been wanting to do a simple freshening up with them all summer long, as well as a broken-eared Trojan-styled horse bookend. When I made a diy horse bookend a few weeks ago, I mentioned how all of ours are black and gold. This little guy was on sale for $5 (originally $15), so despite his red color and chippy ear, I couldn't pass him up.

While watching "Sister Wives", I meticulously taped the black base. I didn't want to have to spray paint that, so I was pretty OCD about the tape covering everything. After I taped him all up, this is what he looked like:

I had plenty of gold spray paint left from the diy bookend, so I just gave it a few coats of gold. I might have done more coats than was necessary, but there would be little spots that wouldn't get covered, and in a touch up, it pretty much equated to a full coat due to its size. However, I'd rather have too many coats than not enough.

When I took the tape off, it peeled some of the black paint off of the base. At first, I was really disappointed, but then I realized that my old peace sign is the same way. It was from Home Goods (I think) the summer of 2008 before I moved into my apartment. Sarah of Silly Incantations has its matching pair :) 

I kind of like that it's got a rougher looking base since the Trojan styled horse is pretty golden. I missed a couple of little spots on his legs, so I'm just going to do a touch up with a paint brush on those parts instead of re-taping everything.

Since I had the spray paint on hand, this project was essentially $5. To make it better, that was with a gift card from returning a previous gift! So essentially, it was free. Heck yes.

Are there any projects you've been working on lately that you'd like to share? I would love to hear about them in the comments! What about really steal-of-a-deal prices? 


  1. i love it :) && yes my peace sign is still sitting proud, holding up my harry potter collection!

    1. YES! haha I still have mine, too. It's got my Twilight and The Hunger Games series.


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